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Goodell tried to clear confusion on 2%-Bed Tax voted on by county lawmakers Wednesday...

State Assemblyman Andy Goodell says the language proposed in the legislation to renew Chautauqua County's 2-percent occupancy tax is aimed at Chautauqua Lake... as well as the county's other lakes and waterways.  Goodell today is trying to clear up some confusion on the part of county lawmakers after they received the proposed legislation an hour or two before Wednesday night's Legislature meeting.  There was some misunderstanding over the language in the bill.  Goodell says he was late getting the measure to the county because the end of the state's session is about a month away.  He says they've had a number of bills... with a lot of paperwork as the session wraps up.  Goodell says he also got a lot of input from legislative leaders... and, local organizations.  He says the language was changed to insure that funding goes for tourism... and, most of that activity occurs on the county's lakes and waterways.  Goodell admits that Chautauqua Lake is "a major focus of the legislation" because it's a major draw for the county.  But... he adds other lakes can take advantage of the funding... including Lake Erie.

Even with confusion, County Legislature approves 2% Bed Tax bill...

County lawmakers have approved an emergency resolution that renews the 2-percent bed tax that can be used to maintain county waterways and lakes.  However... a change in language of the home rule legislation caused confusion and concern Wednesday night.  The measure... prepared by State Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell... reached the legislature only an hour or two before the session began.  Legislator George Borrello of Silver Creek wanted it tabled.  Borrello says it's supposed to be a "renewal" of an existing law... but, it has a lot of language changes.  He was concerned about their possible impact.  But... Legislator Fred Croscut of Sherman says county lawmakers didn't have much choice, and the county doesn't want to lose $510,000 in revenue.  After a phone call was made to Goodell... legislators passed the measure.  A special meeting of the Legislature will be held next Wednesday.

Sheriff's across NYS ask to join federal lawsuit challenging NY SAFE Act...

County sheriffs across the state have asked to join the federal lawsuit challenging New York's tough new gun restrictions.  They call some provisions vague and impossible to enforce fairly.  The New York State Sheriffs' Association and five individual sheriffs are asking U.S. District Judge William Skretny to add their position to the record.  They support gun rights advocates seeking to block enforcement of new bullet limits for magazines and the tighter definition of assault weapons.  The sheriffs agree with the New York affiliate of the National Rifle Association that the law, passed after the Newtown, Conn. school massacre, is unconstitutional because it will prevent citizens from keeping commonly used firearms for home defense.  The law bans magazines with a capacity of more than 10 bullets and generally prohibits loading them with more than seven.

Road construction on state Thruway to be halted during Memorial Day Weekend...

The New York State Thruway Authority will halt construction on its roads around the state to make it easier for travelers this Memorial Day weekend.  Starting Thursday... projects from Yonkers to Canajoharie and from Rochester to the Pennsylvania state line ceased operation.  They'll restart on Tuesday, May 28.  Starting today... projects from Little Falls to Canandaigua will go quiet.  Those road projects will start up again Monday night, May 27.  The authority also reminds motorists that a seatbelt enforcement action is ongoing and will be in full swing over the weekend.


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