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News Update for Tues., May 28, 2013

Group of Ripley residents suiting school board on "tuitioning-out" high schoolers, and actions of certain board members...

A group of about 60 Ripley residents is suing the school district to nullify the board's decision to dissolve Ripley High School... and, tuition-out students to the Chautauqua Lake High School.  The Buffalo News reports the citizen's group also wants four members of the school board ousted.  The News says the lawsuit, filed by Buffalo-area attorney Steven Cohen, seeks to removed Board President Bob Bentley, Vice-President Nancy Rowe... and members Ted Rickenbrode... and, Fred Krause.  In addition... the group is reportedly asking the state Comptroller's office to do an audit of the district.  They say the district -- quote -- "appears to have been engaging in an illegal and unethical course of fiscal conduct for several years." 
Monday afternoon... the district issued a printed statement... saying they are aware, through media reports, about a group of people intending to bring legal action against the board -- or board members.  However... they say the board is unable to comment at this point because "no lawsuit has been filed... and, we do not know any specifics about the purported claims. 

CRCF continues 35th Anniversary celebration, urges residents to give to "undesignated funds..."

The "Caring and Giving Campaign" is a major focus of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation's 35th anniversary celebration this year.  Foundation Executive Director Randy Sweeney says they've received a largely positive reaction to the effort.  Sweeney says it's good to look back on the accomplishments of the past... but, he says their board felt it was also important to look at the Greater Jamestown-area's current and future needs.  Sweeney says they want to be "visionary... " along the lines of the foundation's founders, so future generations can enjoy the area the way "we are today."  Sweeney says there are two components to the campaign... the first being to bring awareness to the Community Foundation... and, what it does.  The second was raising addition funds for future needs... and, asking people to contribute to their undesignated funds.  Sweeney says they call them "funds for the region.." which is mainly the entire southern Chautauqua County area.  More events... including fund-raisers... are coming up.  Sweeney made his comments on this past weekend's Community Spotlight program on the Media One Group stations.  For more information on the foundation... call 661-3390... or go on-line to

Gerace favors national move toward .05 BAC for drunk driving...

Local police agencies are out in force this long Memorial Day holiday weekend... looking out for drunk and aggressive drivers.  That as the discussion continues over whether states should lower the drunk driving Blood Alcohol limit from .08 to point .05.  Sheriff Gerace is among those who favors the move.  He says it will "only help in reducing the number of tragedies that occur each day in this country."  The National Transportation Safety Board recently recommended the move... predicting it would save at least one-thousand lives a year.  Gerace says other countries have seen the benefits... statistically... with deaths rates going down dramatically.  He says he would not be surprised if the federal government winds up forcing states to lower the BAC by threatening to with-hold highway aid... similar to what it did in 2000 when the BAC was reduced from .10 percent to the current level.  However... he is not aware of any push in Albany to go to the lower limit at the present time.

NRG takes issue with National Grid analysis filed on repowering Dunkirk power plant...

The utility company that wants to repower its Dunkirk power plant is taking issue with National Grid's analysis that was filed with the state Public Service Commission last Friday.  The utility concluded that upgrading the transmission system was a better way to go.  But... Jon Baylor, Senior Director of Development for NRG, says there were a lot of flaws in the report.  He says that the report assumes the plant would not only benefit New York, but nearby Pennsylvania.  He says that's a faulty assumption because the new plant, or converted one, would be solely for the New York market.  Baylor also questions National Grid's estimated cost for the proposed tranmission upgrades.  He says they estimate "low-ball cost" for their transmission solution... but, at the same time... Baylor says National Grid admits that those costs could be two to three-times higher than first thought.  Company officials emphasized that the Public Service Commission, not National Grid will have the final word on the project.