The Lillian Dickson Playground on Falconer Street in Jamestown is undergoing some much needed renovations... and, with that... some local residents are urging the City Council to upgrade street safety in that area.  Several members of the local neighborhood watch were on hand for last night's work session.  They called on lawmakers to consider putting in two cross-walks:  One at Falconer and Bowen Streets... and, the second at Falconer and Sturges.  They're also asking for a 4-way stop at Falconer and Winsor Streets.  Bowen Street resident Wilson Cooper admits it's not a perfect solution... but, it may prevent some of the kinds of accidents seen there the past few years. Cooper... and, others at the Public Safety Committee meeting... and work session... noted the number of accidents there in the past four years -- including a fatal car-pedestrian accident involving a 4 year-old boy.  Police Chief and Public Safety Director Harry Snellings and Public Works Director Jeff Lehman said they would update their traffic information from that area... and, come back to lawmakers with a recommendation.


There's only one incumbant running at the top of the Chautauqua County Republican Committee's county-wide ticket this year.  However... GOP Chairman Al Hendrickson says he's "pleased" with the slate of candidates they will have on the ballot.  As expected... county Republicans have formally endorsed Bemus Point Legislator Vince Horrigan to run for County Executive.  Horrigan replaces Greg Edwards... who recently announced he was NOT running for a third-term.  Hendrickson calls Horrigan "very qualified..." having been in the U-S Air Force for 27 years... and, spending 13 years as director of the Southwestern New York chapter of the American Red Cross.  Another newcomer for county-wide office is County Clerk candidate Larry Barmore of Gerry. Hendrickson adds that county Republicans last week also endorsed District Attorney David Foley to run for a third-term.  He's been the county's lead prosecutor the past seven-and-a-half years.  The Fredonia-area Republican is also expected to be cross-endorsed by County Democrats.


While the top of the Republican ticket is strong... it does have a couple of holes among county legislature candidates.  Al Hendrickson says the first gap is in the Dunkirk-Fredonia area... where he says one Republican is running.Hendrickson says re-districting has also forced two GOP Primaries for the legislature.  In the new District 16... former Legislators Ron Lemon and Tami Downey from the Frewsburg-area will stage a run-off in September.  Hendrickson says neither was endorsed by the GOP because it was felt the voters should decide on the candidate.  He adds that in District 18... incumbants Fred Croscut and David Himelein are vying for that seat.  Both were put in the same district when new lines were drawn for 19 legislators instead of the current 25. Replacing Horrigan on the county legislature slate is Pierre Chagnon... who is endorsed for the new, District 8 seat, which includes the towns of Ellery and North Harmony.  Incumbant Mark Tarbrake has been endorsed for the new, District 14 seat.  He replaces Larry Barmore on the ticket since Barmore is running for County Clerk.


A Jamestown teenager has been jailed for allegedly punching a female victim in the face several times.  City police were called to the scene at 137 McKinley Avenue just after 8:30 PM Sunday for a reported assault.  Officers found the victim... who had multiple injuries to her face.  Further investigation led to the teenaged boy... who was found at 17 Norwood Avenue.  He was arrested without incident... and, charged with third-degree assault.  The juvenile was sent to the city jail pending arraignment.


The economy, taxes, and saving the NRG Power Plant in Dunkirk were hot topics of two town hall meetings held by local Congressman Tom Reed in Chautauqua County last weekend.  Reed says there was a very good turn-out for the sessions held in Ripley and Fredonia.  The Corning Republican says he was especially pleased with the response in Ripley... where residents said it was the first time -- in a long-time -- that a Congressman had held a significant forum there.  Reed says there were common concerns at both meetings. Reed says the future of the NRG Power Plant was also among the main topics of discussion at the Fredonia meeting.  The Business Council of New York state recently shocked the local business community by saying it supported upgrading National Grids Power Lines only to meet upstate power demands.  Reed calls that short-sighted.  Reed says he is "standing with NRG and converting (the plant) to a natural gas-based system so it can be here long-term."   He made his comments during his weekly... telephone new conference with Southern Tier media outlets.


Work got underway Monday morning to move boxes to the Lillian Ney Renaissance Center on West Third Street for the Prendergast Library's 34th annual book sale... which begins this Friday.  Library Board President Tom Price says "moving the sale allows us to keep the library open for regular use during the event... and, take advantage of a great opportunity to partner with the Renaissance Center."  Price says the majority of books in the sale are donated by members of the community, and proceeds are used to buy new materials.  The sale run from 10 AM to 8 PM Friday... and, from 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday.  Maps of nearby parking are available at the library.  For information, call 484-7135.


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