(Bulletin)Taylor announces he's not running for fifth-term on Jamestown City Council...

The chance to pursue new career opportunities has led the man who has represented Jamestown's Third-Ward on the City Council to not seek a fifth-term.  Democrat Michael Taylor today says he more or less decided after winning a fourth-term that... if his career situation didn't turn around... that it would be his last term in office.  Taylor says he was still wrestling with the decision the past several months... but, decided that if he was to become a full-time teacher... he would have to return to college.  Taylor says he's enjoyed his time on council... and, working with his constituents in Ward-Three.  However... he's held down a number of different jobs to support himself.  He's also had some legal issues surrounding a domestic incident... and, another at a local bar in which a window was broken out.  However... he says those are being resolved, and were only minor factors.  He adds Democrats have found a someone to run in his place.


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