Local News Headlines

A city man is jailed without bail for allegedly stealing several pieces of property from house and garage on Jamestown's southside early Tuesday morning.  City police were called to the scene on Barrett Avenue shortly after 1 AM on a report of a burglary-in-progress.  Officers say neighbors allegedly reported seeing a man -- who did not live at the residence -- making several trips in and out of the building... and, taking out a number of items.  Responding officers were able to get a description... and, obtained a search warrant for the home of 43 year-old Johnny Nunez.  Nunez was arrested... and, several of the items reported stolen were also found.  Officers say they also found a quantity of drugs... and, several pieces of drug paraphernalia.  Nunez faces charges including second-degree burglary... and, criminal posession of a controlled substance.  He was arraigned and sent to the county lock-up.


The first Jamestown-area business to take advantage of the Board of Public Utilities "Flex-Rate" program offered to industrial customers has taken another step towards formally extending it's agreement.  The BPU Tuesday afternoon approved a basic, 4-year Flex-Rate tariff with R-H-I Monofrax of Falconer.  Board General Manager Dave Leathers says Monofrax's current agreement for a "slightly" lower industrial rate ends this fall.  Leathers says this would be the BPU's third, 4-year agreement with the company. Leathers adds that Monofrax has provided the needed documentation... and, supporting letter to finalize and sign the agreement.  He says the "Flex Rate" program helps provide local industrial customers with more of a "set rate" over the 4-year term of the contract. In exchange for the electric cost breaks... Monofrax... or any other industry taking part in the BPU's "Flex Rate" plan is required to keep employment at a certain level... and, meet capital investment targets.  The BPU has a handful of such agreements in place with local manufacturers.


The president of the SUNY College at Fredonia says she'd like to get a "quick start" on developing a plan for the local campus... as well as it's technology incubator... on using the new, "Start Up New York" program.  The state legislature just approved Governor Cuomo's proposal this past week.  It involves using SUNY Campuses to bring in new, high-tech business and industry.  Fredonia President Dr. Virginia Horvath says there's a lot of interest in the program... and, what it may mean for Fredonia and Dunkirk. Governor Cuomo initially pitched "Start Up New York" as 'Tax Free' New York... but, it underwent some changes as legislative leaders became involved in the negotiations of a final bill.  Fredonia Mayor Steve Keefe has already had discussions with Horvath... and, looks forward to working with the campus president in developing a plan.  Keefe believes Horvath wants to find the "right fit" for those areas that can have a positive impact on the local economy.


State officials say millions of dollars will be spent to upgrade outdoor recreational sites across New York, including a popular beach in the Adirondacks.  Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joseph Martens has announced that 17-million dollars worth of work will be done at beaches, campgrounds, fishing sites and other state-run recreational properties.  Most of the funding _ $11 million _ will go toward improving sites in the eastern Adirondacks.  That portion of the funding includes $3-million in improvements at Million Dollar Beach on the southern end of Lake George.  The work will include repaving the parking lot and access road with ``porous'' pavement designed to filter storm water before it gets to the lake.  The project will start this fall and be finished in early 2015.


An astrophysist says exciting discoveries about the Universe are still being made... and, those "ah, ha!" moments inspire her.  Co-Investigator Natalie Batalha of NASA's Kepler Mission was Tuesday's featured lecturer at Chautauqua Institution.  She was the second speaker as part of "Our Elegant Universe" week.  Batalha tells our Jim Roselle that her most exciting discovery -- and, most personal -- was finding the first, rocky plant orbiting a star outside our own solar system.  Kepler 10-B circles the star Kepler-10. It's not yet known if there's life on the plant Vulcan... but, Batalha says knowing what we do today... we may know the answer to that question in the not too-far distant future.  She says we "now have a roadmap."  Batalha also told us that she would "jump" at the chance to be part of the first manned space mission to Mars... if and when that happens.  She says two books influenced her decision to take up astrophysics... one was by writer Carl Sagen.


The great minds of the toy industry will be honored alongside the famous toys they created under a new partnership being announced at the Strong Museum in Rochester.  Museum officials say the National Toy Hall of Fame housed at the museum is being combined with the Toy Industry Hall of Fame, which honors individuals.  Past inductees include Milton Bradley, Frederick August Otto Schwarz and George Lucas.