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News Update for Wed., July 17, 2013

(**Bulletin)U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy joins Ginsberg as speaker at Chautauqua Institution...

Another current member of the U.S. Supreme Court will be speaking at Chautauqua Institution this Summer.  In fact... Institution President Tom Becker says they got a last minute call from Justice Anthony Kennedy... who wants to speak during the week on "The Pursuit of Happiness."  Becker says they talked some about details... and, Kennedy will speak at 3:30 p.m. Monday, July 22 at the Hall of Philosophy.  Two earlier speakers will be speaking at the Hall at 2 p.m. just prior to Kennedy's appearance.  He was appointed to the high court by late President Ronald Reagan... and, took his seat on Feb. 18, 1988.  His appearance comes just one week before fellow Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg appears at the Amphitheater on July 29.

Pre-Trial Hearing in Taglianetti case concludes with six witnesses taking the stand...

Six people testified during a two-day, pre-trial hearing for the Virginia man accused of shooting Clymer School Superintendent Keith Reed, Jr. to death.  The hearing was requested by Public Defender Ned Barone... who was seeking suppression of some evidence in the case.  The defendant, 43 year-old Anthony Taglianetti, was present in court.  Foley says he and Barone questioned the six regarding search warrants obtained to search Taglianetti's home in Virginia... and, how evidence was turned over to authorities in Chautauqua County.  He says the court is reviewing how those measures were dealt with... and, determine if they were done properly.  Foley says five people... including a detective and crime scene specialist from Prince William County, Virginia... testified yesterday.  One more person testfied today.  He says County Court Judge John Ward reserved decision on motions to supress evidence... and, he's allowed both the prosecution and defense two weeks to submit any case law and paper work... so a decision won't likely be made on the admissibility of the evidence for about a month.  Taglianetti is accused of killing Reed in September of last year over an alleged affair between his wife and Reed.  He was arrested in Virginia after being on the run about a week following the shooting.  Foley says jury selection for the murder trial is set to begin Sept. 17.

Violent Crime rate up in NYS goe up in 2012 despite drop in murders in NYC...

New York state's violent crimes increased 2.3-percent statewide to more than 79,000 last year despite a drop in New York City murders.  State data on serious property and violent crimes still show an overall 13 percent decade-long decline to about 450,000 last year.  That reflects fewer crimes in all categories, led by a 62 percent drop in stolen vehicles.  For the rest of the state... violent crimes were nearly flat at about 26,000 last year, with declines in forcible rapes and robberies, an uptick in aggravated assaults and 265 murders, a 4 percent increase.