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News Update for July 18, 2013

(**Alert)Frewsburg area residents urged to conserve water after water main break...

Just what people in the Frewsburg area didn't need during our current heat wave... a water main break along Route 62 in the town of Carroll has cut off the large water tank in the north part of the water district from the rest of the town.  Until the main can be fixed... and, the tank brought back into service... all customers of the Town of Carroll are being asked to conserve water until further notice.  That from the Chautauqua County Health Department's Natalie Whiteman... who says customers are strongly urged to conserve water, preferably cutting water usage in half.  Whiteman says use only what is absolutely necessary.  She says conservation steps include not filling pools... watering lawns or gardens... or washing cars.  You should also limit the number and length of showers... and, avoid doing laundry... and the need to wash dishes buy using paper plates and utensils.  For more information... contact the Village Hall at 569-5365... or the County Health and Human Services Department at 753-4481 or 661-7481.

Heat Wave to end for the Jamestown-area beginning late Friday...

A stronger lake breeze prevented any major heat wave issues today in the Jamestown-area... and even fired up some thunderstorms across Western New York.  However... we have one more day of the current heat wave to go.  That from Forecaster Jim Mitchell with the National Weather Service in Buffalo.  While there were Heat Index alerts in parts of the region earlier... no records were set.  Mitchell said late Thursday we'll have another day of heat and humidity... then a cold front moves through early Saturday.  He says outside of the lake breeze, there were a few thunderstorms in the area.  Mitchell adds there was just enough of a break in some areas to allow some thunderstorm activity in advance of the cold front.  Once the front moves in... he says we'll see a quick drop in humidity and temperatures.  Mitchell says a "pre-frontal troth" will come through first... triggering possible storms this afternoon.  There may be some strong thunderstorms tonight.  While some parts of the Jamestown-area did reach 90 or better on Wednesday... our high yesterday at the Media One studios was 89.  The Jamestown Airport reached 86.