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WJTN News Alert for Sat., July 15, 2023+

(Update) Burham captured off Jackson Run Road, just northwest of Warren, Pa...
A tip from homeowners on Jackson Run Road in Conewango Township in Warren County, Pennsylvania led to the capture of jail escapee Michael Burham early Saturday night.  Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens says their command center in Warren received the tip around 4 p.m. Saturday... and they caught Burham shortly before 6 p.m.  Bivens says the homeowners were alerted by their barking dog about someone on the property.  He says the couple checked the area on a golf cart... and, encountered the 34 year-old Burham... who escaped Thursday night, July 6... from the Warren County Jail.  When they encountered Burham, the man asked what he was doing there, and the suspect reportedly said he "was camping."  However... the man recognized Burham from photos... and, called their tipline.  Bivens says they mustered all their resources and set up a perimeter and began moving in on Burham near Logan Road... just northwest of the city.  They found him in a prone position as he tried to elude capture.  Burham is being indicted Saturday night on the escape charge, and, was to be housed in isolation until later Sunday... when he is transferred to a more secure facility until he faces further court action.  Bivens says Burham did not have a firearm... and was wearing the pants he had on when he escaped from the jail.  Police said he was wet, tired, and dirty.
Bivens says he was grateful that Burham could be taken into custody with no shots fired... and no one hurt.  You could sense the relief amongst people in the area.  There was a buzz at Saturday night's Jamestown Tarp Skunks baseball game as word spread of Burham's capture.  An announcement made on the public address system was met with rousing applause.  Burham is the primary suspect in the May 11 shooting death of Jamestown's Kala Hodgkin... and, the subsequent kidnapping of a Sheffield, Pennsylvania couple as he fled to South Carolina before being caught the first time in late May.