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The small community of Brocton continues to mourn for a 16-year-old high school football player who died last week after being injured in a game.  Damon Janes' Westfield-Brocton teammates have voted to end their season to mourn their friend.  But... in a community small enough to school all of its kids under one roof, they're not grieving alone.  The A-P reports that... as Janes' teammates have stayed up nights making ribbons and cookies as fundraisers for the Janes family... the Green Arch Restaurant is contributing apple pies... and, hair salons are dying blue and green school-color 'streaks.'  A spaghetti dinner benefit is also planned for Sunday.


A Warren County, Pennsylvania native reported missing earlier this week is alright... but, says he won't be returning to the area.  State Police in Warren says that's apparently because Troopers have a Felony theft warrant for his arrest.  Police say they were contacted last weekend by the mother of 24 year-old John Sheehy... who last spoke with her son last Saturday afternoon.  But... based on the conversation... she believed he was missing, and in danger.  However... troopers say they made contact with Sheehy... who said he's not in danger... but, would not provide his location.  It's believed he may be somewhere in Warren or Bedford Counties... or Corry or Pittsburgh.  Anyone with information about Sheehy... or his whereabouts... should call State Police... or 9-1-1. 


It's shaping up as another difficult budget year in Jamestown... where Mayor Sam Teresi will present his executive budget to the City Council on Tuesday, October 8th.  Teresi says he and his department heads have already been working on the 2014 spending plan... and, will be working on it right up until the presentation.  He says says the approximately 33-million dollar budget deals with some on-going... and, some new issues. Teresi says department salaries will also be a factor... but, not as much.  He says there will be savings later once an unspecified number of employees scheduled retirements.... which include buy-outs.  Teresi says the new hires would come on at entry level salaries.  Overall... he says every department is being "squeezed beyond pain" in the proposed budget.  The current year's budget included a point-82 percent increase after some changes were made during last year's deliberations.  Teresi's budget presentation on October 8th will begin at 4 PM in the Mayor's Conference Room.  The council must approve a final budget by December 1st.


Chautauqua County legislators will now begin reviewing Executive Greg Edwards' tentative 2014 budget.  The outgoing County Executive delivered his eighth and final budget message at last (Wednesday) night's Legislature meeting.  The proposed spending plan includes a tax rate increase of about 24-cents per thousand full value.
The tentative $230.7 million budget is just over $1.1-million larger than the actual 2013 budget.  It includes more funding county roads and bridges.  Edwards says it also boosts funding for senior programs by $500,000.  He says that will enable the county to provide services to about 420 more seniors than are currently being served now.  That would be done through the Office for the Aging... and, will help keep those people "in their homes."  The proposed spending plan also funds the Inter-Governmental Transfer for the County Home in Dunkirk at the same amount as the 2013 budget.  The County Legislature will begin a formal review of the tentative budget starting on October 1st.


As the County Legislature begins the review process... how do lawmakers feel about the proposed budget?  Chairman Jay Gould says he was somewhat surprised that Edwards included a tax rate increase.Dunkirk Legislator Keith Ahlstrom feels that... while the legislature has some work to do... the preliminary budget is a good starting point.  The Democrat says there was NO increase in health care costs... and, he commended Edwards... his budget people... and, the insurance office for their hard work.  He believes the legislature should be able to hold the line on taxes... although there may a difference of opinion over how to get that accomplished.


Local police officials are warning area residents about a scam that could impact people who sell items on Craig's list.  Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano says they have received several complaints in the north county about scammers who send big checks to the seller of such items... only to call back and say it was a mistake.  Ortolano says one check involved 25-hundred dollars for a 50-dollar item. Ortolano says the problem is the victim of the scam cashes the check... which eventually bounces... and, the seller is struck owing the bank a lot of money.  He says it's important not to cash the checks... because once that happens.. and, you send the money... usually it's too late.  Ortolano also says there is not much local police can do if a person has been victimized.  He says the scammers are usually from a foreign country... and, it's difficult even for federal authorities to track them down.  Fredonia Village Police have also seen similar scams in recent days.  The advice from the police officials is to follow the old adage..."If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! "


For motorists in the town of Busti today... we have a road closing in the morning you should be aware of.  Town Highway officials say Shadyside Road between Hunt Road and Route 394 will be closed from 7 AM to Noon for resurfacing.  Again... that's for Shadyside Road between Hunt and Fairmount in Busti.


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