Local News Headlines

The Jamestown man accused of setting up and running a methamphetime lab on the city's northside last month has been arrested in Titusville, Pennsylvania.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the Crawford County location was one where they believed 38 year-old Phillip Reichardt might have fled to after officers discovered the lab during parole check last September 19th at 19 Crossman Street.  Samuelson says a Felony warrant had been issued for Reichardt's arrest... and, he was found yesterday morning. Samuelson says the parents of Reichart's girlfriend live in Titusville... and, they believed he might be heading there to avoid arrest in New York.  He says Reichardt was found in one of two locations they believed he might be at.  Samuelson says Reichardt was arrested as a Fugitive from Justice... and, he's jailed pending extradiction.  Samuelson adds that... since it was a "one-pot" lab... the State Police C-NET Team was able to clean up the home. Samuelson says city police expect Reichardt to be returned in about one to two weeks... depending on whether or not he waives an extradiction hearing.  He faces one count of Felony third-degree Manufacturing of Methamphetime.


A Dunkirk man faces Felony charges for allegedly shooting another man in the leg Thursday afternoon on South Beaver Street early Thursday afternoon.  Dunkirk Police learned of the shooting in the 100-block after receiving a call from Brooks Memorial Hospital around 1:30 PM about a victim with a gunshot wound in the Emergency Room.  Officers say the victim suffered a single wound to his upper left leg.  Following an extensive, two hour search, patrol and detective officers arrested 22 year-old Nathaniel Hollins, Junior.  Police charged him with second-degree assault... second-degree criminal possession of a weapon... and, second-degree criminal use of a firearm.  The investigation is continuing... and anyone with information should call Dunkirk Police at 366-2266 or the Department's confidential tip line at 363-0313.


A member of the Chautauqua County Legislature who is running for county executive says it's time for legislators to rise above politics in County Home vote.  Republican Vince Horrigan says he is ready to move forward... and, vote on the sale of the Dunkirk-area facility to VestraCare.  Horrigan, whose from Bemus Point, showed his support for holding the vote on the County Home on October 30th during last night's special meeting. But... several legislators -- including Jamestown Democrat Chuck Nazarro -- felt the vote should be delayed until after the November 5th election.  Legislature Chairman Jay Gould says the vote will take place during another special session on October 30th.  Before the vote... he says the proposal will be sent to committee. Gould says the public will also be able to speak on the proposed sale during the second public portion of the Legislature's regular meeting on October 23rd... and, during the special meeting on the 30th.


No one spoke during a public hearing held at Jamestown City Hall yesterday morning on a local law that would allow the city to exceed the state's 2-percent property tax cap in 2014.  That from Mayor Sam Teresi... who held the mandated public hearing.  Teresi says -- as it stands -- his proposed, 33.6-million dollar spending plan does not exceed the cap.  However... he says there is always the chance something may come up later that pushes the budget over the cap... or, there may be a miscalculation. Teresi's proposed budget includes a tax increase of 2.68-percent... or 386-thousand dollars.  However... including some exclusions enacted by the state... the city's "Effective" tax cap is 3.1-percent.  The mayor says he understands that it sounds confusing because there is a "statutory cap..." and the "effective" one. Jamestown is impacted differently because it has a city-owned utility that's considered an asset.  City lawmakers are expected to begin work on the budget... which is due December 1st... shortly.

Gasoline prices in the Jamestown-area have fallen just over a penny this week to 3-dollars-69 cents a gallon.  The Triple-A's Fuel Gauge report also says the national average price of a gallon of regular, unleaded is down 4-cents this week.  The Fuel Gauge says U-S and global markets are working to evaluate the impact of the federal government shutdown... and, renewed U-S debt ceiling concerns.  However... retail gas prices continue to march steadily downward.  The Triple-A says it expects retail prices will continue to drop in the coming months, as sufficient supplies, flat demand and cheaper winter-blend gasoline mean motorists are likely to pay less to fill their tanks.