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News Update for Mon., Oct. 14, 2013

Reed throws backing behind "Honest Proposal" to get federal government up and running, and raise debt ceiling...

Local Congressman Tom Reed says he's joined with a bi-partisan group of lawmakers who are promoting what's being called an "Honest Proposal" to deal with both the federal government shut-down... and, pending default.  Reed says he's signed onto the three-point measure... which is being spear-headed on the GOP side by Colorado's Cory Gardiner.  During his weekly conference call with Southern Tier media Monday... the Corning Republican says it's a three-year proposal that keeps the government operating through the end of the year.  Reed says the first step is immediate relief for the debt ceiling, and getting the government up and running.  He adds there would be about $230-billion in sequestration cuts.  Reed says the second part is approving a budget resolution... that would cover all of 2014.  He adds the third part would also include a extension of debt ceiling relief -- with sequestration cuts -- through 2015.  Reed calls it automatic relief from the debt ceiling... and, allow the president to be more active in the debate without -- what he calls -- a gun to his head.  Reed adds the sequestration cuts would generally be "across the board..." as opposed to targeted to specific programs.

City officials to dedicate part of Riverwalk project; break ground on another...

Another part of Jamestown's on-going Riverwalk Project will be dedicated... while ground will be broken on another Tuesday afternoon in Brooklyn Square.  Mayor Sam Teresi says County Executive Greg Edwards... along with State Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell will be on hand to officially open Phase-Four of the Riverwalk project.  Teresi says the public dedication will take place at the Northern Shore Extension behind 9 North Main Street.  He says the new section runs from Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics to Panzarella Island Park behind the train station.  Another state leader expected to be on hand will be former County Executive... and, current Western New York State Parks Director Mark Thomas.  Teresi says the project has been funded through the state's Environmental Protection Fund... along with local city match dollars... and, in-kind services.  The Gebbie Foundation also provided some money to help the project along.  The Gebbie also donated the land that Phase-Four of the Riverwalk is located on.  The ground-breaking for Phase-Five... will take place after the 2:30 p.m. dedication at the Clifton Avenue end of the trail near D & S Glass on Fluvanna Avenue.

Off-duty paramedic and Sheriff's officer help woman get out of burning car in Villenova crash...

An off-duty paramedic with the help of a Chautauqua County Sheriff's Deputy were able to get a driver from Silver Creek out of a vehicle that had crashed and burst into flames on Route 83 in the town of Villenova early Sunday morning.  We have learned that Ray Austin, a paramedic with Allstar, was on his way home from work when he discovered the crash involving 28-year-old Valerie Roach.  Austin says he could see smoke coming from the car... which was in the field and a woman inside trying to get out.  He called 9-1-1.  A Sheriff's Deputy, Stephen Romanik, assisted Austin.  Using a fire extinguisher... they were able to keep the fire at bay long enough and to smash the vehicle's windows to get the woman out of the vehicle.


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