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WJTN News Headlines

A Jamestown man is jailed for allegedly shouting racial slurs... and, threatening to klll people in an eastside neighborhood late yesterday afternoon.  City police were called to a report of a disorderly man about 4 PM... and, on arrival... spotted a man running into a home that was involved in the alleged incident.  Officers say they found the man hiding in a cabinet above a shower in the bathroom.  The man was identified as 31 year-old Anthony Meuker-the-second.  He was arrested... and, charged with second-degree aggravated harassment under the hate crime statute.  Meuker was taken to the city jail pending arraignment.


A man very familiar with Chautauqua County government operations has been named as Acting County Executive once Greg Edwards officially steps down next Monday.  Edwards has announced that County Attorney Stephen Abdella will serve in the role from November 18th through December 31st.  County Executive Elect Vince Horrigan will begin his term of office once he's sworn-in on January 1st.  Edwards says Abdella's latest stint as Legal Counsel for the county legislature began in 2008. Asked if he considered naming Horrigan as Acting Executive... Edwards says he did... but, he says Abdella was "clearly the best choice."  Horrigan has said he's going to need the just over one-and-a-half months to make the transition to the county's top-elected official.  Abdella was first County Attorney in 1992-through-1997.  Under the County Charter... Abdella was designated by Edwards in 2006 to be Acting County Executive in his absence and was confirmed by the County Legislature at that time.  With that... Edwards says no additional legislative action is necessary.


he Affordable Care Act is getting most of the attention... but, federal lawmakers who've returned to Washington also have to craft a new Farm Bill before the end of the year.  Local Congressman Tom Reed says he remains optimistic a new, long-term policy will be hammered out by late December because it's needed by both farmers and consumers.  Reed has been in contact with Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas... and, says proposals are now in the hands of a joint House-Senate Committee. Reed says the issue of fluid milk pricing in the Northeast will be addressed in the new bill.  The federal government has used a formula in the Milk Income Loss program to help subsidize dairy farmers because prices have been down in recent years.  Reed says he believes Southern Tier farmers will be satisfied by the final bill.  He says... during debate in the House... the Farm Bureau and dairy producers... the feedback on proposals was "positive."  Reed adds there are "Critical" stablization and margin insurance reforms in the House Bill.


Getting a new Farm Bill authorized before the end of the year will impact what you pay for milk in your local grocery store.  Congressman Tom Reed says the current policy ended in September... and, the new measure must be in place by the end of the year to keep fluid milk prices from doubling. Current milk prices in the Jamestown area are just under 2-dollars a gallon... to about 3-dollars at the local grocery stores.  In New York City... and, other major, urban areas... the cost is projected to go as high as 8-dollars a gallon if a new policy is not implemented.  Reed says if no price controls are put in place... the policy would revert back to what it was in the 1940s.


The Jamestown Public Works Department has announced that leaf collection in Jamestown continues with Phase-2 -- the second half of the City -- beginning today.  DPW Director Jeff Lehman says Phase 2 begins in the Foote Avenue and Ivy Street area... and, will move west -- clockwise -- to the Chadakoin River in the Jones & Gifford Avenue area.  Once Phase-2 has been completed... Lehman says DPW crews intend to return to designated Phase 1 areas... weather permitting.  Residents are advised to rake leaves to the terrace area and not into the street.  No yard waste, brush, hedge trimmings, garden debris or tree lumber will be collected.


National Community Foundation Week has been extra special in Jamestown this year for the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation.  Foundation Director Randy Sweeney says this is the 15th year the local foundation has taken part in the annual festivities... which celebrates bridging the gap between donors... and, people in need.  The local foundation was started 35 years ago by Gebbie Foundation Director John Hamilton... and, a group of others were told that to start such an organization would cost one-million dollars. Sweeney says that one-million dollars in seed money has now grown to 75-million dollars.  He credited the foundation's Investment Committee for growing that amount through the years.  Sweeney says -- in addition to celebrating their 35th year -- the foundation has reached another milestone.  It now has just over one-million dollars in scholarship funds for students to further their education.  The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation has held a number of activities to celebrate it's 35 years in the Jamestown-area.  For more information on the foundation... call 661-3390.


Below average participation in their Varsity and Junior Varsity Boy's Basketball programs has led Frewsburg Central School to merge it's program with Falconer.  Frewsburg school officials confirm that they made the request to Falconer for the merger of teams when only 10 students signed up.  The move had already been approved by the school board before last night's meeting.  Falconer has accepted... and, is the host school.  Even though Falconer is the host school both districs have planned to have equal representation in terms of practices, home games and coaching.  Efforts to reach Frewsburg Superintendent Danielle O'Connor for comment Thursday were unsuccessful.