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Cattaragus County Sheriff's officers are investigating what they are calling a double-murder, and attempted suicide involving a woman and her ex-husband.  Sheriff Timothy Whitcomb says police received a call just after Noon Wednesday that a shooting had taken place at a home in the hamlet of Limestone on Nichols Run road.  WGRZ-TV in Buffalo reports that when deputies arrived... they found 43 year-old Kimberly Podolski... and, her boyfriend, 51 year-old Dennis Larweth, 51... dead inside.  They also found Podolski's ex-husband, 38 year-old Daniel Podolski with a gunshot wound to the head.  The Sheriff's Department says Daniel Podolski is in critical condition at the Hamot Medical Center in Erie.  Whitcomb tells the TV station they believe Daniel Podolski was waiting for Kimberly Podolski and Larweth, who were at the home to pick up some items.  The home used to be the residence of the Podolski's.  One eyewitness who fled the scene reportedly notified police.


A special meeting of the Chautauqua County Legislature has been called for February 5th to look at a new proposal to sell the County Home in Dunkirk.  That from Legislature Chairman Jay Gould... who announced the meeting early at last night's first monthly meeting of the year.  Gould says while it's a public meeting... the special session is meant to allow lawmakers to get details of the proposal... and, directly ask the buyer about their credentials... and, how they would run the home once it's purchased. Gould refused to say who the prospective buyer is because they're about a "day away" from finalizing a tentative deal with County Executive Vince Horrigan.  Assistant Minority Leader Keith Ahlstrom says he is not surprised by a pending vote so early in 2014.  The Dunkirk Democrat says there may be enough support to pass a proposal since several newcomers favor the sale. Earlier this month... County Executive Vince Horrigan said that negotiations were underway between the county and a prospective buyer.  A couple of attempts to sell the County Home last year narrowly failed.  If all goes as planned... Gould says a vote would be taken at the legislature's regular, February meeting.


County lawmakers have approved a measure denying the state permission to use the county's name and seal... and, the names of county officers to promote the SAFE Act.  The main sponsor of the resolution... Assistant Majority Leader John Runkle... says he's pleased the measure had solid backing by the legislature.  The Cassadaga-area Republican says the issue came up because the state was setting up a website for people to re-register on-line for pistol permits every five years. Runkle says talked with both Sheriff Joe Gerace and County Clerk Larry Barmore about the matter.  He says both opposed the state's desire to use both their names, and the county seal on the site.  He adds that it was interesting that the state apparently was going to move forward with this without the county's permission.  Runkle feels since it's a state law... they should "put their stamp on it."  The strict gun-control law was drawn up early last year by Governor Cuomo... and, quickly approved by the state legislature in response to the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.


Our cold snap continues with another Wind Chill Advisory taking effect later tonight.  The National Weather Service has now issued the advisory from 10 tonight until Noon Friday for ALL of Western New York -- including Chautauqua County.  Forecasters say... after reaching a high of about 10 today... temperatures will fall to about zero... or lower.  That... combined with northwest... then westerly winds of 10 to 15 MPH... will produce wind chills of about 20-below zero.  Yesterday... schools from the Finger Lakes region to the Canadian border in northern New York closed... or delayed the start of classes because of temperatures plunged to as low as 32-below zero in some upstate areas.  However... no Chautauqua County Schools were closed... and, only Warren County, Pennsylvania schools delayed their opening due to lows of about 5-below zero in spots.  Forecasters say the deep freeze will linger through Friday, with temperatures rising into the 20s Saturday.


One of the issues raised at Congressman Tom Reed's townhall meeting Tuesday was TPP... the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Negotiations to open up trade in the Pacific under TPP have been going on for several years.  One speaker told Congressman Reed he fears such an agreement would be like 'NAFTA' for the Pacific Rim.  Reed replied saying TPP could be valuable... especially regarding China. Reed also says Congress can't really have a role in openly negotiating such a agreement.  He believes trading partners would never go along with that. The citizen who brought up the subject said he feared TPP would be 'sprung on the American people... just like Obamacare was.'


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