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City of Jamestown to get second, City Court Judge Apr. 1...

Jamestown is one of 12 cities across New York state to be getting a second, full-time City Court Judge beginning April 1st.  The announcement was made during a press conference Friday afternoon in City Council Chambers... which is where the second court will be convened.  That from City Court Judge John LaMancuso... who says the second judge was approved by Governor Cuomo in December.  Judge LaMancuso says the move to eliminate the current, part-time judge was based on need... and, available resources.  LaMancuso says it will allow them to expand it's drug and mental health treatment courts... and, the relatively new Veteran's Court.  He thanked Eighth Judicial District Administrative Law Judge Paula Feroletto... and, Mayor Sam Teresi for their support of the move.  Feroletto cited LaMancuso's work in opening the Veteran's Court... and, expanding services in the city.  However... while the district will pay for the new judge... that's all.  Feroletto says there will be no additional staff... but, she expressed full confidence in LaMancuso's staff in handling two court calendars.  Current Associate City court Judge George Panebianco... who is part-time, is in line for the position... but, has not yet indicated whether he will accept it or not.

Senate approves one-house budget bill, negotiations with Assembly and Gov. Cuomo begin next Monday...

The budget proposal advanced by the state Senate sets the stage for a complex two-week negotiation with the governor and Assembly on tax cuts, campaign finance reform, legalizing medical marijuana and other issues.  The state's new fiscal year starts Apr. 1.  Talks starting Monday are intended to resolve enough differences in their respective budgets to pass one plan for spending more than $142-billion... while amending many state programs and policies.  Governor Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview Friday says the Senate, unlike the Assembly and him, has no renters' tax cut for low-income city residents.  He calls that ``a non-starter.''  The Senate also would modify Cuomo's proposed property tax freeze for school districts and municipalities that stay within a 2-percent tax cap.

Ben Weitzman officials, Council president react to neighborhood concerns in W. Eighth Street...

The new owner of a scrap metal recycling company says it's "wholeheartedly committed" to the Jamestown community... and, it's proposed renovation project will be "second to none."  City lawmakers say the Ben Weitzman Company on West Eighth Street has been "very cooperative" with the city's planning process.  One neighbor earlier this week expressed concerns over dust... noise... and, run-off possibly getting into the nearby Chadakoin River.  Council President Greg Rabb says he realized there were dust issues... but, the other two are new.  However... Rabb says the weather has delayed the many improvements Weitzman has planned for the location.  Ben Weitzman Spokesman Stephen Donnelly says they "enjoy being in Jamestown..." and, that they intend to make the site not only "environmentally safe... but, also aesthetically appealing."

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