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Dramatic weather changes bring sleet, snow today after 74-degree day in Jamestown-area...

The weather changes haven't been quite as dramatic as first believed... but, a cold front from the west has brought mixed precipitation... and, now snow to the Jamestown area.  Forecaster Jason Franklin with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says it's still a much different day than yesterday.  Franklin says the big change will arriving later this morning... when we began getting all snow.  The good news -- he says -- is the the morning commute has not been as difficult as was first predicted.  Franklin says the wet snow has made roads a little slick in spots... but, roads are mainly wet this morning.  Temperatures fell about 20-degrees between last night and 5:30 this morning.  It's now hovering around the freezing mark.  Franklin says... depending on where you are... you could see as much as 2 -- maybe 3 -- inches of snow.  Franklin says since the weekend warmed things up quite a bit... the air has not gotten as cold as was initially expected.  That means paved surfaces should be mainly wet... while there may be some snow accumulation on grassy surfaces.  After temperatures drop to about 15 early Wednesday morning... Franklin says we'll begin to see a bit of a warm-up Thursday.

New SAFE Act registration of guns deadline is today...

New gun control rules are kicking in across New York state today... with a deadline for owners to register assault weapons.  The law already has banned new sales of semi-automatic weapons with detachable magazines.  Critics say hardly anyone has signed up and expectations are that many current gun owners will ignore the registration requirement.  The rules are part of New York's SAFE Act... which was passed by the state legislature in early 2013.

Second-wave of flu hit's New York state...

Health officials say a second wave of influenza has struck this spring and is putting more New Yorkers in the hospital now than in January.  The Albany Times Union reports that a different strain of flu is circulating than the one in midwinter, and people who already had the flu can get it again -- especially if they didn't get the vaccine.  The state Health Department says 648 New Yorkers were hospitalized with influenza during the first week of April.  There were more than 2,500 confirmed cases of flu statewide that week.  Most flu cases earlier this season were H1N1, a type of influenza A.  The latest cases are influenza B.  The Centers for Disease Control continues to recommend that people get flu shots if they haven't this year.

Reed touts tax reform on this Tax Deadline Day, 2014...

The clock is ticking for people who are still finishing up their state and federal tax returns with tonight's Midnight deadline looming.  However... local Congressman Tom Reed is among those on Capitol Hill who want to reform the 70,000 page federal tax code to make it less of a headache for filers.  Reed is reiterating his support of comprehensive tax reform being taken up by the House Ways and Means Committee he belongs to.  With bi-partisan support growing... the Corning Republican says he's hopeful it may come next year.  He says it would mean major savings of an average of $600 to his constituents in the 23rd Congressional District.  Reed says the federal government had determined that the average taxpayer spends about 13-hours a year collecting information... and, filing out tax returns.  He says a draft proposal has been formulated by the Ways and Means... and, Taxation Committees.  Reed contends that their proposed changes would make filing much easier for about 95-percent of the nation's tax filers.  He made his comments during his weekly Media Conference Call.

CleanSweepNY to be held for pesticide disposal in WNY later this month...

The Department of Environmental Conservation is planning its 16th CleanSweepNY program in western New York.  The program gives an opportunity for businesses, farms and schools to properly dispose of unwanted or obsolete pesticides and other chemicals.  Empty, triple-rinsed plastic pesticide containers will be accepted for recycling.  The event the week of April 28 includes Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, Erie, Niagara and Wyoming counties.  It's designed for professional pesticide applicators, schools, golf courses, cemeteries and marinas.  The services are not available to homeowners.  Last fall... DEC collected a record-breaking 138,000 pounds of chemicals from 11 counties in the Western Finger Lakes region.  Pre-registration is required by April 25th on-line at www.cleansweepny.org.





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