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A Jamestown man faces a number of charges for allegedly fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run car crash on the city's westside last weekend.  City Police were called to a report of property damage accident at West Eighth and Washington Streets just before 9:30 Saturday morning.  When officers arrived... they were told one of the cars drove off on West Eighth.  Police say that vehicle was later found on Strong Street and Prendergast Avenue where several witnesses saw the driver get out and walk away.  That alleged driver... Gary Woodmansee... was later found by police on Falconer Street.  Following an investigation... Woodmansee was charged with several counts... including driving with a suspended license... driving while intoxicated... and, leaving the scene of property damage accident.  He was taken to the city jail pending arraignment.


A major drug bust in Cattaraugus County has taken dozens of bags of heroin off the streets... and, led to the arrest of three people.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they... along with the Olean Police Street Crimes Unit... raided a home at 440 North First Street early last weekend.  Task Force members say they found 60 bags of package heroin... along with a large amount of cash... scales and drug paraphernalia.  Police and Task Force members arrested two Olean residents... 24 year-old Bryant Battle and 20 year-old Ian Mason... and, John Carter-the-third of the Bronx.  All three were charged with Felony criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, jailed pending arraignment.


A Brocton man has been arrested on a warrant for allegedly engaging in a criminal sex act in the town of Portland.  Sheriff's officers say 40 year-old Byron Lawton of Webster Road was tracked down by officers... with the assistance of K-9 Drago... late last Saturday night.  Deputies say Lawton was taken into custody without incident... and, arraigned on the warrant for second-degree criminal sex act.  He was sent to the County Jail without bail.


Local Congressman Tom Reed says a recently reported effort by several Republicans to possibly replace House Speaker John Boehner after the mid-term elections is nothing but a "bunch of talk."  Reed says he remains behind Boehner... and, his efforts to "change the culture" of Washington, D-C.  The report had a group of "40 to 50" more conservative Republican members looking to replace Boehner.  The Corning Repubican says... under Boehner's leadership... two siginficant changes have come in the way the House of Representatives operates. The report earlier this week said the disgruntled group of Republicans were looking to oust Boehner because they don't feel he's been a strong enough leader for the GOP.  Reed says he's fine with Boehner... and, emphasized that he is NOT part of that effort.  He won a special election to the old Southern Tier District a few years ago with TEA party support.  TEA Party Republicans are reportedly the one's who have been disappointed with Boehner's leadership.


The elderly town of Ellicott man who died of apparent smoke inhalation from a fire that destroyed his house in the town of Ellicott has been identified.  93 year-old Arthur Carlson died of smoke inhalation during the blaze... which was called in about 10:40 PM last Thursday.  Chautauqua County Fire investigators say Fluvanna Fire crews found the structure at 31-61 Moon Road fully-engulfed in flames on arrival.  Sheriff's Department dispatchers say Fluvanna was assisted at the scene by 10 departments.  Sheriff Joe Gerace says, during the firefighting operations... Carlson... was found dead inside the home.


It was cool... but, sunny and comfortable for the city of Jamestown's 67th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Allen Park last Saturday morning.  Jamestown Parks and Recreation Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley says they couldn't have ordered better weather for the annual Spring-time ritual... and, thousands of children and their parents were on hand for the event.  Speaking with our Jim Roselle and Russ Diethrick... Ciesla-Hanley thanked the several local organizations and volunteer that allow the event to happen... including the Sertoma Club. Ciesla-Hanley also thanked Roberta Hess... the widow of Mark Hess... for continuing their business's sponsorship of the prizes for the kids who find the two Gold... and, two Silver Eggs.  There were also 30 other prize eggs... and, 13-hundred other eggs.  The city also put out 5-thousand wrapped candies for the egg hunt.   She says residents look forward to the egg hunt each year -- so much so -- that's it's become a generational kind of event.


Motorists who repeatedly speed through New York state toll booths without a working E-ZPass would see their vehicle registrations suspended under legislation being considered by lawmakers.  State Senator David Carlucci says that his proposal would allow toll officials to suspend the registration of anyone who racks up five toll violations within 18 months.  Under current law... toll evaders are contacted by a collection agency and only face the loss of their registration if they've committed multiple violations within the same locality.  Carlucci says he hopes lawmakers approve his proposal when they return to Albany later this month.  Governor Andrew Cuomo supports the idea.  Scofflaws ran up 35-million dollars in unpaid tolls and fines on the New York Thruway between 2007 and 2011.


A Mayville man has been arrested for allegedly committing an assault in the town of Chautauqua.  Sheriff's officers say they arrested 34 year-old David Douglas of Valley Street late last Thursday night on a warrant for second-degree Assault.  Deputies say Douglas was arraigned in Chautauqua Town Court... and, sent to the County Jail on 3-thousand dollars cash bail.

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