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Reed announces new DOE contract agreement with RHI Monofrax in Falconer to provide refractories for regional nuclear waste facilities, including West Valley...

A local manufacturer of containers to transport nuclear waste is being awarded a contract by the U-S Department of Energy for at least $1.5-million dollars to clean-up three regional sites.  The good news was announced this morning by local Congressman Tom Reed... who adds that a final contract with RHI Monofrax of Falconer still has to be finalized.  However... Reed anticipates that should take place by sometime in July.  The Corning Republican was pleased his office was able to move the agreement along.  He says they weighed in with both the DOE and Monofrax to cut through the "red tape" to get a deal struck.  Reed adds it should be finalized this Summer.  RHI Monofrax had seen a recent downturn in business... and, reports were that 74 of the approximately 180 employees at the plant had been laid off by mid March.  Reed says there is a demand for the refractories at the Savannah River... Hartford... and, West Valley sites.  He says Monofrax will likely be bringing at least some workers back... but, the exact number hasn't been made known.  At this point... Reed says confirming the purchase order is the major part of the deal.  RHI Monofrax Human Resources Director Phil Mobilia declined to say what kind of impact the new contract would have on jobs.  We have a phone message into Plant Manger Daryl Clendenon.

Two-month old falls from second-story window in Jamestown, but, apparently suffers no major injuries...

A two-month-old child suffered no "obvious injuries" when she apparently fell out of a second-story window on Jamestown's westside last night.  City Fire officials say they... along with Jamestown police and Alstar Ambulance... were called to the scene at 21 West 8th St. shortly before 9 p.m.  A fire lieutenant says they child was secured on a back-board... and, taken by Alstar Ambulance to WCA Hospital for initial treatment of a possible minor head injury.  City Police say the toddler was later flown to Women and Children's Hospital as a pre-caution.  No criminal wrongdoing was found... and, no charges were found.

DiNapoli announces new record high for state Pension Fund...

New York's comptroller says the pension fund for state and local government workers has reached a record high of $176.2-billion with a 13-percent return on investment last year.  Thomas NiNapoli says that's from "riding a bull market" for stocks.  DiNapoli, who is sole trustee of the Common Retirement Fund, says it also paid $9.7 billion to beneficiaries in the fiscal year that ended March 31.  Almost 38-percent of its holdings are in domestic stocks, which rose 22 percent.  The fund for some 650-thousand government employees pays benefits to about 400-thousand retirees and beneficiaries. 


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