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WJTN News Headlines


The investigation is continuing into four shooting incidents in the city of Jamestown last Thursday and Friday... one of which led to the death of a Buffalo man.  City Police Chief Harry Snellings updated City Council members prior to Monday night's voting session on the situation.  Three council members expressed their appreciation to Snellings during the meeting... including Council President Greg Rabb... who was out of town when the incidents occured.  Rabb says he was "stunned" by the news. Rabb says he was sad to see one of the "targeted" incidents occured in the area where he lives.  However... he adds that -- quote -- "I don't feel unsafe" in the city.  He says police have beefed up their afternoon and evening patrols in an effort to further maintain safety... and, investigate each incident.  The troubles began when an argument spilled into the street about 4 AM last Thursday on South Main Street... and, 26 year-old Allen Burnett, Junior of Buffalo was shot and killed.  Two others were wounded.  Three other incidents where shots were fired... but, no one was struck... later occured on the northside, and there were two incidents on the east side. City police say they're still following up on leads.  If you have any information on the homicide, you're are asked to call JPD directly at 483-7537 or the confidential tip line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  You can also contact them anonymously via the "JPD 411" App.


U.S Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she is willing to work with President-Elect Donald Trump when he takes over in January.  During a trip to make an announcement in Fredonia... New York's junior Senator told us that there is some common ground. Gillibrand also told us that her approach with the new administration will be to look for places where they can work together on issues... such as expanding access to broadband.  She says she will work for bi-partisan support of that measure.  Gillibrand says... if she needs to fight for issues she strongly believes in... she will continue to do that.  She was in Chautauqua County Monday to announce new legislation that would help close the gap when it comes to access to high speed internet in rural areas.


Gasoline prices in the Jamestown-area are down about a penny a gallon this week to just under 2-dollars-39 cents for regular, unleaded.  The Triple-A's Fuel Gauge Report says the price had increased to about 2--39.5 a gallon last week.  The Fuel Gauge says... generally... prices in the region have been moving up and down in recent weeks... but, generally moved lower this week.  Nationally... the average price is down one-cent as well to 2-dollars-13 cents a gallon this week.  Overall... Triple-A says drivers this year paid the second lowest gas prices for Thanksgiving since 2008.


It was an "exciting" and special "Giving Tuesday" for people in the immediate Jamestown-area looking to make a real difference for several local non-profit agencies.  The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation hosted a day-long "Big Match" Day for people to give up to 25-dollars to a local agency or charity... and, the total would be matched by the foundation up to 5-thousand dollars.  However... Foundation Director Randy Sweeney says they started at 8:30 AM... and, it never let up. Sweeney says that 5-thousand dollar ceiling was soon boosted to just over 10-thousand-dollars... and, surpassed the 15-thousand dollar mark by early Tuesday afternoon.  Sweeney says they won't have any final figures until later today because there's been no time to tally the numbers today.  He says they knew they had some donors who were going to provide some extra money.  The foundation administers a number of non-profit, and other local organization funds that residents can give to at any time.  For more information... go on-line to CRCFonline-dot-ORG... or call 661-3390.


Officials with the Federal Highway Administration and the New York state Department of Transportation will meet next month to discuss the removal of more than 500 "I Love NY" signs from the state's roadways.  Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau will meet with DOT Commissioner Matt Driscoll at the FHA's Washington office sometime in December to formulate a plan for taking down the signs.  The FHA has threatened to cut nearly one-billion in federal funding to the state if the signs aren't removed.  State officials have long contended that the signs help promote tourism and provide valuable information about New York's attractions.  FHA officials say the signs don't conform to federal standards and are dangerous because they contain so much information that drivers can become distracted.


A long-time employee with the village of Fredonia will be stepping down as village attorney after 48 years of service at the end of the year.  Village trustees have unanimously accepted the resignation of Samuel Drayo, junior. for the purpose of retirement.  In his resignation letter... Drayo thanked the village mayor, and board of trustees -- both past and present -- and village residents for the opportunity to serve the village.  He says it's the "right time to retire..." though he will remain at his private practice for now.  Mayor Athanasia Landis says a search for a successor will begin immediately.  Drayo's retirement takes effect December 30th.


New York is cracking down so-called "ticket bots," software used to snatch up tickets to concerts, plays and other events that are then resold at significantly higher prices.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a new law creating penalties for those who use ticket bots to circumvent limits on the number of tickets one person can buy.  The law also makes it illegal for someone to resell tickets they know were bought using ticket bots.  A report from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office found that third-party ticket resellers often use ticket bots to purchase large blocks of tickets, which are resold at a high mark-up.  Schneiderman say he worked with "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to pass the law, which he says will help "bring sanity" to ticket buying.




WJTN News Headlines

The Jamestown-area has it's first hunting fatality of this year's shot-gun deer hunting season so far.  Busti Fire Chief Mike Volpe says their rescue crew was called to the scene on Orr Street Extension -- between Southwestern Drive and Garfield Road shortly before 1 PM Monday afternoon.  Volpe says it took quite a while to get workers to the scene... located just outside of the city... where they found the victim -- identified as 50 year-old Thomas Carlson of Jamestown. Volpe says they were also assisted by the Chautauqua County Emergency Services Office in processing the scene, and removing Carlson's body.  He says a number of neighboring fire companies also assisted... including Lakewood, Kiantone, and Frewsburg Departments.  Lakewood-Busti Police are heading up the investigation... which they say began as a search for Carlson... who was reported as overdue to return by his family.  Investigators say he died from a gun-shot wound from his own weapon.


Law enforcement agencies are investigating the death of a woman in a fatal hunting accident in western New York over the past weekend.  Authorities say the accident occurred just before 4 PM Sunday in a wooded area near the Genesee River in Caledonia in Livingston County -- south of Rochester.  The unidentified victim was in a hunting party with four other people when she was shot in the abdomen.  The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear.  The woman was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, where she was pronounced dead.  Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says the shooting occurred in a section of woods, making it difficult for first responders to get to the woman.  State Department of Environmental Conservation police say this was the state's third deer hunting fatality this year.


An agreement by New York state to help close a nearly 825-thousand dollar deficit in 2017 has allowed Jamestown city lawmakers to approve a balanced budget.  That from Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce... who announced the news before last night's voted on the 35-million dollar spending plan.  However... Dolce cautioned fellow lawmakers that the state is stipulating that they work with the state's Restructuring Board to continue finding savings in the budget. Dolce called the tentative, one-time payment "Transitional Aid..." similar to what the city of Dunkirk is receiving to stem the loss of payments in lieu of taxes from the moth-balled NRG Power Plant.  He was pleased the state came through after years of State Aid cuts.  However... fellow Republican Brent Sheldon expressed skepticism over the state helping at the 11th hour... and voted against the budget.  However... it was approved, 8-to-1... giving the budget the "supermajority" that is needed because the spending plan exceeded the state's 2-percent property tax cap.  The city budget includes a 150-thousand dollar tax increase... taking it to the city's constitutional taxing limit.


U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand traveled to Fredonia Monday afternoon to announce legislation that would help close the gap when it comes to access to high-speed internet in Western New York.  During a visit to DFT Communications... the New York Democrat says the legislation called the Broadband Connections for Rural Opportunities Program Act would help build an improved broadband system in rural areas. County Executive Vince Horrigan, who joined Gillibrand for the announcement, says providing better broadband access will be a big help -- especially to the agricultural community.  Gillibrand says she is working with House Republicans on the measure... including local Congressman Tom Reed.  She says Reed is a co-sponsor of the measure in the House.  Gillibrand says she's also making a push with the Federal Communications Commission to approve New York State's request for 170-million dollars in federal funds for improving broadband service in the Empire state.  Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas and DFT's Mark Maytum were also on hand for the announcement. 


Federal lawmakers are expected to vote shortly on a bill local Congressman Tom Reed says will jumpstart medical research, and speed up the approval process for medical treatment options.  Reed says today that the House is ready to vote on the landmark, "21st Century Cures Act..." which is designed to encourage medical research for incurable diseases. Reed says the bill dedicates 5-billion dollars for the National Institutes of Health for "targeted research..." and another 500-million dollars to help the Food and Drug Administration speed up the approval process for medicine and treatment options.  He adds that the funding will also provide additional funding to help deal with the local, and nationwide Heroin and Opioid drug crisis.  Reed -- who is a co-sponsor of the bill -- says a joint conference committee is already working to reconcile the bills currently in the House and Senate.  Some Senator's have reportedly expressed reservations about the bill... but, he expects those to be ironed out.  Reed made his comments on his weekly conference call with Southern Tier Media.


A lot of people took advantage of Cyber Monday... but, a lot of people are doing their online shopping over the course of several days.  That from Melanie McGovern of the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York... who says if you do your shopping by mobile phone, you need to take extra precautions. Cyber Monday was preceded by a strong "Cyber Weekend" for holiday shoppers.  That from the National Retail Federation which reports it's survey shows that while shoppers spent an average 3.5 percent less money than a year ago over the 4-day weekend... there was an increase in online shopping.


The recent cold snap... and, about a foot-of snow allowed some local ski areas to open up over the long Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.  One of those was Holiday Valley in Ellicottville... where they had a hand-ful of trails open last Friday through Sunday.  Marketing Director Jane Eshbaugh says they received a good first snowfall from the recent lake effect storm... but, adds they had to make snow to open late last week. Eshbaugh says they took to social media... and, other means to advertise the fact they were open.  She says there was a terrific turn-out to begin the weekend -- especially on Saturday.  However... she says the crowd of skiiers was down a bit on Sunday.   Eshbaugh says they had a base of zero to 20 inches on their five slopes.  Holiday Valley is closed today... and, she says their status for the coming weekend up in the air right now.  However... they will tentatively open next Saturday and Sunday.  For more information... go on-line to Holidayvalley-dot-COM... or their Facebook page and twitter.


The hands-on management style President-elect Donald Trump has brought to his many businesses over the years will be challenged by the presidency.  At times... Trump has been reluctant to delegate.  But while his multinational business is indeed vast, the scope of the federal government exceeds any of his previous endeavors.  The occupant of the White House oversees a workforce of more than 2-million people.  Even those close to Trump are gently suggesting that he will have to do some more delegating given the sheer volume of decisions needed to get his administration up and running.  A person familiar with private discussions regarding the transition but not authorized to speak about them by name says Trump has signaled willingness to relinquish some personal control, even if it chafes a bit.



News Update for Mon., Nov. 28, 2016

(**News alert)City Council approves 2017 budget that is balanced -- thanks to state infusion of nearly $825-thousand dollars...

The Jamestown City Council has approved a $35-million dollar budget for the new year that includes a slight tax increase... but, eliminates a nearly $879-thousand dollar shortfall.  Lawmakers tonight approved four amendments to the spending plan... with Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce saying the biggest is the state prelimilarily agreeing to provide nearly $825-thousand dollars in "transitional" aid to help the city with it's problem in 2017, with the stipulation that Jamestown continue working with the state's Restructuring board to find additional savings in the coming years.  The budget also includes a $150-thousand dollar tax levy increase -- to the city's constitutional taxing limit -- which is a .96-percent increase.

New Alert for Mon., Nov. 28, 2016

(News alert)Dead Hunter found in wooded area near Jamestown...

The Jamestown-area has it's first hunting fatality of this year's shot-gun deer hunting season so far.  Busti Fire Chief Mike Volpe says their rescue crew was called to the scene on Orr Street Ext. -- between Southwestern Drive and Garfield Road shortly about 12:47 p.m. today.  Volpe says it took quite a while to get workers to the scene... located just outside of the city... where they found the male victim.  He says the man was apparently hunting alone when he was stuck by a stray bullet.  Lakewood-Busti Police are investigating, but, have not yet identified the victim.



WJTN News Headlines

The local and state Police presence in Jamestown has been beefed up in the wake of four shooting incidents last Thursday and Friday... one in which one person was fatally shoot.  That from City Police Chief Harry Snellings... who says they've added more afternoon and evening patrols in the neighborhoods.  He adds that state Police have also added two more patrols for the city.  JPD Captain Bob Samuelson says leads on the incidents have been slow coming in... and, says they still want to hear from witnesses to the fatal shooting at 129 South Main Street. Police over the weekend also identified the man killed in the multiple-shooting incident on South Main Street.  Samuelson says 26 year-old Allen Burnett, Junior is from Buffalo.  Police would not say whether they found any kind of weapon... or other evidence... on the body when they arrived.  Two other people... who have not been identified... are recovering from non-life threatening wounds.  If you have any information on the homicide... you're urged to call JPD directly at 483-7537 or the confidential tip line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  You can also contact them anonymously via the "JPD 411" App.


City police are also investigating an incident that occured last Friday night on the northside in the area of Lakeview and Euclid Avenues.  The investigation is continuing, and police say no one was hurt.  Investigators say a vehicle driving by the scene was reportedly struck by one of the rounds fired.   Earlier in the day... police say a masked man was able to get into an apartment at 344 East Fourth Street shortly before 3 PM.  The suspect fired several rounds... but, did not hit the intended victim.  On Thursday afternoon... officers were called to the area of Falconer and Thayer Streets on a report of several shots being fired.  Police were told by witnesses that two black men wearing black, Winter-type coats fired on a vehicle driving through that area.  However... no one was struck in that incident as well.  City Police say all the victims in these shootings were targeted.


A Buffalo-area man was hurt... but, not seriously... when his tractor-trailer got hung up on the railroad tracks in the town of Sheridan, and was hit by a Norfolk-Southern Train last Saturday.  Sheriff's officers were called to the scene on Werle (Wer-lee) Road -- near Progress Drive -- just before 5:30 PM.  Deputies say the driver of the tractor, 30 year-old Jason Siepierski (Sih-Pier-ski) of Cheektowaga, was southbound on Werle Road when the trailer got struck on the shoulder of the road.  As a result... officers say the tractor wound up on the tracks.  At that point... the westbound train came by... and, struck the tractor-trailer tearing the trailer apart and dragging the tractor a distance down the tracks.  However... deputies say Siepierski was able to get out of the vehicle prior to the collision.  Siepierski was treated at Brooks Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.  He was ticketed for disobeying a traffic control device.


Jamestown city lawmakers are expected to act on a 35-million dollar budget for next year tonight.  However... they'll be working on the spending plan right up to the end to stem a projected 878-thousand dollar deficit in Mayor Sam Teresi's proposal.  That from City Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce... who they're found another 53-thousand dollars in cuts during budget deliberations.  He says city leaders have been talking with the state's Restructuring Board on plugging the remaining gap. Dolce says the biggest help Jamestown, and other small cities could get in New York state is to get their general operating aid back to the level it should be.  He says one program they've been working with the Restructuring Board on is having Medicare-eligible retirees get off the city's self-insurance health plan.  Right now... city officials believe the move will save the city about 600-thousand dollars in 2017.  Mayor Sam Teresi and city lawmakers hope to see more savings in subsequent years.  Retirees getting off the city plan would be offered an incentive.  There will be a work session prior to tonight's voting session... which begins at 7:30 PM.


New York's top transportation official will travel to Washington to discuss an ongoing dispute with federal officials over the state's highway welcome centers and roadside "I Love NY" signs.  Federal officials say the signs violate signage rules and could distract motorists.  Federal authorities are also concerned that the state-run Taste NY stores in highway welcome centers may run afoul of rules governing commercial activity at rest stops.  A spokesman for the Federal Highway Administration says agency Administrator Greg Nadeau (Nay-due) is scheduled to meet with state Department of Transportation Commissioner Matt Driscoll next month to discuss the conflict.  The state defends the signs and welcome centers as successful ways to market tourism and locally made products.  The dispute was first reported by the USA Today Network.


It doesn't appear that a rally for the Repower Dunkirk project will be in the works... at least for now.  That's according to one elected official involved in the efforts to get the project moving forward.  State Senator Cathy Young had indicated earlier this week that a rally may be needed, to ensure that all state officials, including Governor Cuomo and the State PSC, were still on board with the project.  We have learned that during a conference call late last week, that the officials involved didn't think one was needed at this time.


An upstate New York man has been sentenced to nearly four years in federal prison for possessing a single bullet.
 Federal prosecutors say 28-year-old Tyron Jackson of Rensselaer was sentenced in Albany Monday by U.S. District Court Judge Gary Sharpe, who cited Jackson's extensive criminal history in explaining why the sentence was warranted.  Jackson's convictions include first-degree armed robbery in 2006 and illegal possession of a firearm for shooting into a crowd last year.  Back in June... Jackson pleaded guilty to possessing a single bullet from a 9 millimeter Luger during a traffic stop. Felons are prohibited from possessing bullets.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Bennett said the bullet and other conduct demonstrate that Jackson refuses to lead a law-abiding life despite spending nearly his entire adult life in custody.

News Update for Sat. Nov. 26, 2016

(**News Bulletin)**Jamestown police release victim's name in Thursday homicide...

Jamestown police have now identified the man killed in a Thanksgiving morning shooting incident on the city's southside.  City police say 26 year-old Allen Burnett, Junior of Buffalo died at the scene at 129 South Main Street just after 4 AM Thursday.  Investigators say the shooting followed an altercation in the street in front of the address.  Police say two other people were also shot... but, were treated for non-life threatening injuries.  Investigators are continuing to follow leads on this... and, are still asking for assistance from anyone who may have information on this homicide to contact us directly at 483-7537 or anonymously via our Tips 411 App or through our Anonymous Tips Line at 483-8477.  Police say all calls will be kept strictly confidential.

News Headlines for Sat., Nov. 26, 2016

JPD responds to fourth "targeted shooting" incident on northside...
There have now been four incidents involving violent gun-fire in the city of Jamestown since early Thanksgiving morning... but, they have not been random.  That from City Police Captain Bob Samuelson... who says the latest "targeted shooting" incident occured Friday night.  Samuelson says officers were called to a report of multiple shots being fired in the area of Lakeview Avenue -- at Euclid -- shortly after 8 p.m.  Officers were still at the scene late last night... and, are investigating the incident.  Police say no one was hurt... but, add a vehicle driving by the scene was reportedly struck from one of the rounds fired.  Anyone with information on this latest incident -- or the others -- are asked to contact City Police immediately at 483-7537... or you can leave an anoymous tip on the departments Tip 4-1-1 App or the Anonymous Tip Line at 483-8477.  Police say all calls will be kept confidential.
Fourth incident follows two others Thursday and Friday afternoons...
The third incident city police were investigating was actually a direct confrontation shortly before 3 p.m Friday.  However... no one was shot when a suspect dressed in black with a dark ski-type mask entered an apartment at 344 East Fourth St., and, fired several rounds.  However... none hit the occupant... and, the suspect fled the scene.  Thursday afternoon... officers were called to the area of Falconer and Thayer Streets on a report of several shots being fired.  Police were told by witnesses that two black men wearing black, Winter-type coats fire on a vehicle driving through that area.  However... no one was struck in that incident as well.  Investigators say they are still looking into any ties between these incidents... and, the fatal shooting on South Main Street Thursday morning.
Samuelson says there were "multiple shooters" involved in original incident early Thursday morning on the southside...
City police say they're looking for "multiple shooters" in connection with Thursday morning's incident on the southside that claimed one life... and saw two other people wounded.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says they've received some resident tips... but, adds they've been coming in slow so far.  Samuelson says the incident occured just outside an apartment house at 129 South Main St. just after 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.  He says an argument apparently began inside the house... and, spilled out into the street.  No names have yet been released for the victims... though it's known that the person who died was a man.  Samuelson says the priority right now is finding the person who fired the fatal shot... but, adds there were "multiple guns" at the scene.  He says the other two victims suffered non-life threatening wounds.  One is recovering at WCA Hospital... while the other went to another area hospital.  If you have any information... Samuelson says you can call them at 483-7537... or their anonymous tip line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  This is the second homicide in the city in the past two weeks.
In addition... Samuelson says JPD has added a new way for residents to provide tips to them... and, remain anonymous.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says they just recently added a 4-1-1 information application... and, he says it's helped them in some other, recent cases.  It can be found by Googling "JPD 411 App."  He says it can be downloaded to your I-Phone or Droid device.  Samuelson says that app has been up and running... and, is also tied into the Jamestown Police Facebook page.  He adds they also hope to speak soon with the two other victims in the case.
Maple Grove comes up just short in State Class-D Championship football game...
It was a small school championship game... but, more resembled a heavy-weight boxing match Friday afternoon between the two top Class-D high school football teams.  Maple Grove came up just short in trying to win the school's third State title... falling to Cambridge of Section 2 in two overtimes at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, 22-21.  The game was tied at 14--14 in regulation after both teams turned the ball over late in the game.  Maple Grove finally scored to begin the second-OT to make it 21-14.  However... Cambridge scored on a run, and converted on a pass for two points to win the game.  Maple Grove completes another terriffic season in Bemus Point at 12-1.

News Headlines for Fri., Nov. 25, 2016

City police investigating second shooting incident in as many days on eastside... no one struck in this case...
Jamestown police are investigating another shooting incident... but, thankfully no one was hit by a bullet that struck a residence on the eastside.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says officers were called to the scene at 344 East Fourth Street shortly before 3 this afternoon.  Samuelson says no one was struck, and no one was hurt.  He would not say whether the incident was related to yesterday's fatal shooting on the southside.  However... he says police are now investigating a second shooting incident in as many days.  If you have any information on the incident... call JPD at 483-7537... or the tips line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.
Samuelson says police asking public's help in finding the alleged shooter(s) involving in multiple-shooting incident on southside Thanksgiving morning...
Jamestown police are following up on leads received on yesterday morning's multiple shooting incident on the southside that claimed one life... and saw two others wounded.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says they've received some resident tips... but, adds they've been coming in slow so far.  Samuelson says the incident occured just outside an apartment house at 129 South Main St. just after 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.  He says an argument inside apparently spilled out onto the street... and, he says they know there were "several dozen people" at the scene, so there had to be some witnesses.  He says you don't have to give your name in leaving a tip.  No names have been released for the victims... though it's known that the person who died was a man.  He says the priority right now is finding the person who fired the fatal shot... among the several dozen people at the gathering.  Samuelson says the other two victims suffered non-life threatening wounds.  If you have any information on the incident... Samuelson says you can call them at 483-7537... or their anonymous tip line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  
JPD institutes new 4-1-1 Tip App, and utilizing it for this case...
The Jamestown Police Department has also added a new way for residents to provide tips to them... and, remain anonymous.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says they just recently added a 4-1-1 information application... and, he says it's helped them in some other, recent cases.  Samuelson says Google "JPD 411 App" and you can download it to your I-Phone or Droid device.  He says that app has been up and running... and, is also tied into the Jamestown Police Facebook page.  He adds they also hope to speak soon with the two other victims in the case.
Sinclairville man arrested on warrant, drug possession charges pending...
A Sinclairville man is jailed on $10,500 bail following his arrest on a warrant... and, for allegedly being found in possession of drugs.  Sheriff's deputies say they located 28 year-old Denial Carlson at a home on Johnson Road shortly after 6 p.m.  Officers say Carlson was wanted for failing to pay a fine in Charlotte Town Court.  However... prior to the arrest deputies say they allegedly found Carlson in possession of a quantity of Heroin... and, a hypodermic needle.  He was arraigned in Charlotte Town Court... and, sent to the county lock-up.  Officers add that additional charges are pending.
Better Business Bureau spokeswoman offers tips on "Black Friday" shopping...
It's "Black Friday... " and many shoppers have already taken part in Grey Thursday sales or join the Black Friday madness earlier in the day.  Melanie McGovern of the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York says you need to do your homework first.  McGovern says read produce reviews, and make sure you have a really good sale price when there may be a better one elsewhere.  She says it's also important make sure it’s a retailer you can trust and check out the refund policy.  
Black Friday brings out shoppers, traffic to Jamestown-area Friday...
It's becoming more of a tradition in the past couple of years... celebration Thanksgiving with family -- then go Christmas shopping.  Today is "Black Friday..." but, early shopping for holiday bargains again started earlier in the Jamestown-area.  Several retailers in the Jamestown-area opened Thanksgiving afternoon or early evening... including the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood... where there are now 45-plus stores.  Mall Marketing Director Cynde Breneman says they also have a fairly new store that's just opened... Hibbet Sports.  She says they have a few other retailers that'll be moving in during the season to set up shop.  The Mall opened to start "Black Friday" at 6 p.m. Thursday.  However... Breneman says all three of their anchors... J-C Penny, The Bon-Ton, and Sears... all opened yesterday.  Pennys opened the earliest... at 3 p.m.  Sears closed for a few hours overnight.  Breneman adds that The Bon-Ton has more than 700 doorbusters this year.  For more information... go to the mall's website... or Facebook Page.  Among the other major retailers... the Wal-Mart SuperCenter in Lakewood has been open 24-hours... but began it's Black Friday Specials at 6 p.m. last night.

News Update for Thurs., Nov. 24, 2016

(**Update)Jamestown police investigating fatal shooting on city's southside...
A shooting incident on Jamestown's southside has left one man dead... and, two other people wounded.  City police were called to the scene at 129 South Main St. shortly after 4 this morning.  Police officials say they are following up on leads... and, say there are several potential witnesses to the incident.  JPD Captain Bob Samuelson now says the two survivors suffered non-life threatening wounds.  If you have any information on the case... call JPD at 483-7537... or their anonymous tip line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  You can also provide tips on the Jamestown Police Facebook page with the 4-1-1 tip link.  Police say there was a party going on at the location.. and, that an altercation took place outside in the street that resulted in multiple shots being fired.  The victim's identity has not been released and police are urging residents to not put the name out on social media until the families involved are notified.  The wounded are being treated at WCA Hospital in Jamestown.  This is the second homicide in the city in the past two weeks.

WJTN News Headlines

About half-a-dozen fire departments battle flames for several hours yesterday afternoon... but, were unable to save a multi-story house in the town of Ellery.  Chautauqua County fire dispatchers says Ellery Center crews were called to the scene at 43-97 Fluvanna-Townline Road just before 12:30 PM Wednesday.  They called in Fluvanna, Maple Springs, Ashville and Stockton to assist and truck water to the scene.  No one was hurt.  Fire crews were at the scene more than 4-and-a-half hours.  The cause is under investigation.


One of the biggest travel holidays of the year is now underway... and, local police agencies are urging safety during the long, Thanksgiving Day weekend.  The Triple-A estimates about 50-million people will travel 50 ore more miles during the weekend period... just over 43-million will be driving.  State Police are holding one of their Stop-DWI Crackdowns starting today... and, Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace says his deputies will be out in force as well. Gerace says they'll also be on the look-out for drivers who may be driving impaired by drugs... as well as the "distracted driver."  He says they can be as dangerous.  He says it's all in the interest of the safety of the traveling public... and, they want everyone to get through the holiday safely.  If you're traveling any long distance... Gerace says make sure to plan frequent stops, and have a safety kit with you.  He also says make sure you get plenty of rest before starting that trip... adding that drowsy drivers can be as dangerous as those who are impaired.  Local and state police will continue their special details through next Sunday.


Gas prices in the Jamestown-area are up slightly to begin the long, Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.  That from the Triple-A's Fuel Gauge Report... which says the price is up by a penny a gallon this week to just over 2-dollars-39 cents for regular, unleaded.  Nationally... Triple-A says the 43.5-million Americans expected to take a road trip this Thanksgiving will see the second-lowest Thanksgiving gas prices since 2008.  At that point... the national average was one-dollar-85 cents a gallon.  The current average is now 2--14 a gallon... and, that represents a savings of 3-cents a gallon versus one week ago... and nine cents per gallon on the month.


Fans of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade who come to see the soaring SpongeBob and Snoopy balloons may get a far less heartwarming sight this year: giant dump trucks filled with sand.  More than 80 city sanitation trucks will be used along the 2 1/2 mile parade route to create an imposing physical barrier to terror.  The trucks weigh about 16 tons empty and up to twice that with sand.  This truck security tactic isn't new.  But... the New York Police Department says it will play a bigger role at this year's parade in the wake of the cargo truck attack in Nice, France, and a recent posting in an Islamic State magazine that called the parade "an excellent target."  Despite that, authorities say they know of no credible threat.


A north county man is being sought by Dunkirk Police for his alleged involvement in the stabbing of another man last Friday night.  That from Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano... who says they are on the look-out for 23 year-old Martin Rubio of 104 Webster Street.  Ortolano says the victim apparently suffered non-life threatening injuries. Ortolano says the 26 year-old victim sufferd multiple stab wounds... and, was flown to the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo for treatment.  He says Rubio is being sought on an arrest warrant issued out of Dunkirk City Court.  Police are asking that anyone with information on the suspect's whereabouts contract Dunkirk Police at 366-2266 or by calling 9-1-1.


Jamestown's largest soup kitchen will be opening it's doors to the area's needy on thisThanksgiving Day.  That from soup kitchen Director Jeff Smith... who says their Water Street location will be open from 12:30 to 2 PM.  Smith says they'll be serving full turkey dinners with all the trimmings.  He says they estimate they'll have between 100 and 150 people to serve on Thanksgiving.  He says they also handed out 200 turkeys last week... thanks to Jim and Stacy Rauh with Tabone Construction and Paving. Smith adds they're all set for volunteers for today.  However... he says they can always use more during the course of the year.   For more information on volunteering, or to make a donation... call the St. Susan's Center... at 664-2253.


Thanksgiving Day is here... and, for many of us... it'll be the first time we've spent significant time in the kitchen in quite a while.  The task of cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and dinner can be a bit daunting... but, the U-S Department of Agriculture has their meat and poultry hot-line ready for your questions.  USDA Food Safety Specialist Archie Margolous told our Dennis Webster earlier this week to keep four things in mind.  Keep surfaces clean... separate... cook... and chill left-overs.  While clearning hands and surfaces... Margolous says washing the bird is not necessary. Margolous says when it comes to cooking... the turkey needs to be brought to a constant 165-degrees before serving.  He says one of the most frequent questions they get at USDA is whether a bird that's been kept frozen since last year is still good.  Margolous said it should be... and, adds that a basic, 12-pound turkey needs to thaw three days in advance.  If you have any further questions... Margolous says you can call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hot-line at 1-888-674-6854.


A programming note for today.  Due to our National Football League triple-header on WJTN... the Noon and 5 o'clock News will not be heard today.  We will resume our regular news schedule tomorrow morning.  However... the Noon News will be move to 11:30 tomorrow morning due to our coverage of the Class-D New York State Football Championship game featuring Maple Grove.  The Red Dragons face Cambridge of Section-2 here on WJTN... and, WQFX-FM beginning at 12 Noon.





News Update for Mon., Nov. 21, 2016

Robbins indicted for second-degree Murder, jailed without bail following release from hospital...
The Jamestown man accused of shooting and killing his estanged wife back on Nov. 10 has been released from the hospital... and, is now jailed without bail.  Jamestown Police say 36 year-old Keith Robbins was formally indicted recently by the Chautauqua County Grand Jury on one count of second-degree murder... and Injuring a Police Animal.  City police say Robbins is accused of shooting his 36 year-old wife, Shari, in a parking lot at 9 Prospect St. about 9 a.m. on the 10th.  JPD Captain Bob Samuelson says Keith Robbins was on the loose for more than five days before finally being taken into custody on Tuesday, Nov. 15 following a six hour standoff with police at 2 Todd Avenue in Jamestown.  It was during the standoff that he allegedly stabbed Jamestown Police dog, K-9 Mitchell, after the dog was deployed into the home to find him.  Mitchell underwent emergency surgery for treatment of a stab wound and is expected to recover.  Samuelson says Robbins was arraigned earlier today... and, sent to the county lock-up.

WJTN News Headlines


It wasn't quite the Lake Effect Snow event some had been predicting... but, by late morning... some parts of Chautauqua County will have upwards of a foot of snow on the ground.  The Jamestown-area's first, measurable snow event began late Saturday morning... and continued through the weekend.  Forecaster David Thomas with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says most areas were looking at another 2-to-4 inches of snow through this morning. We remain under a Lake Effect Snow Warning until 10 this morning.  By late yesterday... Thomas says there was a report of 7 inches of snow in the Frewsburg-area... and, 5-and-a-half inches around Jamestown.  He says there was no real heavy snow in the immediate Jamestown-area -- mainly because of lack of organized snow bands.  Thomas says there has been no "defined" strip or strips where there was heavy snow for a lengthy period.  Those winds alternated out of the west and northwest during the weekend.  There's only a 40-percent chance of snow as we head through the morning hours.


There were some accidents... but, nothing serious during the storm period in Chautauqua County.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says the Public Facilities Department had it's 30 plow trucks ready to go last Friday for all of their routes.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says they were expecting accidents over the weekend because this was local motorists first "Wintertime" driving experience this season.  Horrigan says most of the issues tend to be caused by not slowing down, and giving yourself time.  The Sheriff's Department reported about 20 accidents -- mainly cars off the road -- reported through early last evening.  Just a handful were reported in Jamestown.


Police around New York state say they'll be ramping up patrols this Thanksgiving to look for drunken or distracted drivers and underage drinkers.  Governor Andrew Cuomo says state and local law enforcement agencies will be participating in the holiday crackdown, which begins Wednesday and runs through Sunday.  Officials say they'll use unmarked cars, increased patrols, sobriety checkpoints and bar sweeps to find people breaking the law.  Cuomo says the actions will help keep New York's roads and highways safe during one of the busiest travel times of the year.  During last year's Thanksgiving crackdown police arrested more than 350 drivers for drunken or impaired driving.


There will be two more Babe Ruth World Series coming to Jamestown over the next four years.  Babe Ruth League last weekend announced the city will host the 16 to 18 year-old series in 2018.  Local Babe Ruth Public Relations Committee Chairwoman Kim Ecklund says they're excited to be hosting again.  However... she says there will be something different compared to last year's 13-year-old series:  The return of a popular program. In the past... there was a "Chautauqua County" team in the 16-to-18 year-old series.  In addition... Babe Ruth League Vice-President Robert Faherty, Junior in New Jersey said they're excited to be going back to Jamestown because of the local committee's "experience and knowledge."  So much so... Ecklund says they're hosting the 13-year-old Series in 2020.  She says it'll be a challenging time for their fund-raising with two world series events coming up.  For now... Ecklund says Maggio will be working hard to get the 16-to-18 year-old league going again.


A north county man was seriously hurt late this week when his motorcycle crashed into a guard rail on Route 83 in the town of Villanova.  Sheriff's officers say they were called to the scene just before 6 PM Thursday.  On arrival... deputies say they learned the bike -- operated by 28 year-old Derek Deszcz of Dunkirk -- was westbound when he passed a car, and the returned to the westbound lane.  However... officers say he lost control of the motorcycle, and it slammed into the guard rail.  Deszcz was flown by Starflight Helicopter to a regional trauma center for treatment.  State police assisted at the scene... and, charges are pending.


The State University of New York college at Fredonia will hold a community meeting which will focus on a plan to bring in more tourism dollars to Dunkirk and Fredonia.  The meeting will take place at 6:30 PM Monday at the Williams Center on the Fredonia campus.  Fredonia spokesman Jeff Woodard says the plan is known as "Central Connection". Woodard says a study was done, courtesy of a grant received by the University of Buffalo.  University President Virginia Horvath will present the study, along with Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis and Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas.  Again... the community meeting will be Monday, November 21st at 6:30 PM at the Williams Center, and the public is invited to attend.


Two western New York men face manslaughter and other charges in the deaths of two young brothers under their watch who fell over a 70-foot waterfall.  Wyoming County District Attorney Donald O'Geen tells the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle  that the deaths were not only tragic but also "100 percent preventable."  The prosecutor says 32-year-old Chad Staley and 34-year-old Tyler Jennings were with a group of boys that left a designated trail at Letchworth State Park in Castile back in June.  Both had gone into the water to get a better view of the falls when the two boys were washed away.  Six-year-old Preston Giangregorio and his 9-year-old brother, Dylan, were killed.  Staley and Jennings were indicted last week on manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges.  It's unclear if they have attorneys.


The unexpected wave of support in Pennsylvania for President-elect Donald Trump could signal a long-term shift to the GOP... even though growing political dichotomies may defy that trend.  Republicans expanded control of the state Legislature despite a strong Democratic Party registration advantage.  Meanwhile, the state's growing geographic divide played a forceful role in the election.  Trump was helped by Democrats' defections in conservative northeastern and western parts of the state, while Republicans in increasingly liberal southeastern Pennsylvania turned against him.  For some, Trump's victory signals a more permanent change.  Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason says it shows Pennsylvania is a Republican state, while Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen says that it remains a "purple" state and that Trump didn't necessarily change its politics.


News Headlines for Sat., Nov. 19, 2016

Lake Effect Snow Warning takes effect Sat. Afternoon...
The first major snow event of the Winter of 2017-17 is moving into western New York... and, Chautauqua County.  The National Weather Service says we're going to be going from near record November warmth to mid-Winter Lake Effect Snow.  Forecaster Dave Zaff with the Weather Service's Buffalo Office says we are now under a Lake Effect Snow Warning from 4 p.m. today until 10 a.m. Monday.  Zaff says we'll see rain once a cold front passes early this afternoon.  He says there will be periods without snow, and the snow will be more pronounced in some places opposed to others.  The warning area includes Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and southern Erie Counties.  Zaff says the heaviest Lake Snow areas will see between 9 and 18 inches of snow by early Monday morning.  By contrast... he says the high in Buffalo Friday reached 72-degrees... which is about two-degrees short of the all-time record for November 18th.  Zaff says temperatures will fall through the 30s this afternoon... to the lower 30s.  We'll see about 32 for a high on Sunday.  
Horrigan urges local motorists to drive carefully in first Snow of the season...
Chautauqua County plow crews will be ready for the lake effect snow.  That from Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan... who says preparations have been made for the first measureable snow of the season... and, he says the county’s fighting fleet is ready for action with 30 plow trucks available.  While most of Western New York can expect to some snowfall... the heavier lake effect snow is forecasted to occur primarily in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and extreme Southern Erie counties from this evening through Monday morning.  More than 6 inches is expected in the most persistent lake effect snow. 
Dunkirk man seriously hurt in Villenova Motorcycle accident...
A north county man was seriously hurt late this week when his motorcycle crashed into a guard rail on Route 83 in the town of Villanova.  Sheriff's officers say they were called to the scene just before 6 p.m. Thursday.  On arrival... deputies say they learned the bike -- operated by 28 year-old Derek Deszcz of Dunkirk -- was westbound when he passed a car, and the returned to the eastbound.  However... officers say he lost control of the motorcycle, and it slammed into the guard rail.  Deszcz was flown by Starflight Helicopter to a regional trauma center for treatment.  State police assisted at the scene... and, charges are pending.
Munella says JHS students pleased to take part in Jr. Achievement Stock Market Challenge...
A team from Jamestown High School took part in the annual Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge in Buffalo... which featured nearly 500 students... for the first time Thursday.  JHS Business Teacher Dave Munella says the competition was held at the Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center... and, gave  the students some "real life experience."  Munella says he took eight students from his Introduction to Business class -- a Jamestown Community College "connections" course.  Munella says JHS partners with JCC... the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County... and, Junior Achievement in the program.  He says the Junior Achievement part of the program functions through the United Way using volunteers who now come to the school to help teach.  Munella says between 50 and 75 schools... including JHS... Falconer... Dunkirk and Fredonia schools.
New president named for St. Bonaventure University...
A dean at Le Moyne College in Syracuse has been named president of St. Bonaventure University near Olean.  The Franciscan college in Allegany -- in Cattaraugus County -- announced today that Dennis DePerro will become the university's 21st president in June.  He succeeds Interim President Andrew Roth, who took in August when Sister Margaret Carney retired after 12 years as president.  The 57-year-old DePerro is dean of the Purcell School of Professional Studies at Le Moyne.  The Buffalo native arrived at Le Moyne in 1995 and was vice president for enrollment management at the Jesuit college for 18 years before becoming the first dean of what is now known as Purcell School. 

WJTN News Headlines

For those who have waited patiently for snow this season... you're going to get it later this weekend.  The National Weather Service has issued a Lake Effect Snow Watch for Saturday evening through Monday morning for Chautauqua... Cattaraugus and extreme Southern Erie Counties.  Forecasters say we're looking at 6 to 12 inches of the white stuff in the most persistant lake snow areas -- with the highest amounts over Chautauqua County.  The weather service adds we'll also see northwest winds at 20 to 30 MPH... with gusts of up to 40.  Temperatures will drop into the lower 30s by Saturday night... and, our high on Sunday may reach 32-degrees.  Highs Monday will only be about 28 degrees.


There's a good chance that the long-running drought in parts of Western New York could persist through this Winter.  However... conditions continue to improve slightly in the northern part of Chautauqua County... and, just north of Buffalo.  That from Forecaster Kirk Apfell with the National Weather Service... who is the regional contact person for the U-S Drought Monitor.  Apfell says rain in October helped improve the situation in dry parts of Western New York. Apfell says there are parts of western New York... and, New England that will see dry conditions continuing through next February.  That's because the ground typically will freeze from late December through February.  However... he says the likelyhood of some significant snow this weekend... then a projected warm-up... could be a help because the melting snow could get into the ground.  The Drought Monitor says the current situation is the worst seen in more than a decade.  It has been devastating to farmers and resulted in water restrictions in many places.  It has dried up drinking wells and dropped lake levels. 


An 11 year-old Warren County, Pennsylvania boy is being treated for serious injuries after his all-terrain vehicle struck a sap storage tank, then a tree in Farmington Township.  State Police in Warren say the unidentified boy from Russell was riding the ATV eastbound on Braley Road last week when he moved to pass another ATV.  However... Troopers say the child lost control of the vehicle... and, struck the tank.  Police say the boy tried to regain control... but, could not... and, the ATV continued several feet and struck the tree head-on.  Troopers say the boy was thrown from the ATV.  Police say he was flown by Lifestar Helicopter to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh for treatment.  State Police say he was wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time.


A nice bump in sales tax revenues has Jamestown city officials more optimistic about making budget for this year.  That from City Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce... who says they saw revenues in that area increase by 2.5-percent for July through September.  However... Dolce says the city is still about half-a-percent behind where they were for the first nine-months of the year. City Comptroller Joe Bellitto says sales tax proceeds were up this past quarter by about 41-thousand dollars.  He adds, though, that the city still trails 2015 totals by about 25-thousand dollars.  Bellitto is telling lawmakers not to change their conservative projection of 6-million dollar for next year.  He says those are "adequate, and certainly not inflated."  Bellitto adds that the city will need to exceed it's fourth-quarter revenues of last year by about 4-percent to meet the 2016 budget.


County lawmakers tabled a resolution Wednesday night to extend a joint tax collection agreement with the cities of Dunkirk and Jamestown.  A motion to table the measure was unanimous after Audit and Control Committee Chairman Pierre Chagnon said some lawmakers wanted some additional information on the up to 5-year extension.  However... Legislature Chairman Jay Gould says it's more a matter of newer legislators being brought "up-to-speed" on how the agreements work. "Chuck" is Jamestown legislator Charles Nazzaro.  The joint agreements with Jamestown and Dunkirk provide for the collection and enforcement of real property taxes for the cities... and, the school district in each city.  The program is similar to the one that's been used for many years to collect taxes for local towns, villages, and school districts outside the two cities.  The new agreement would cover years 2017-through-2021. 


Gasoline prices in Chautauqua County remain steady this week... holding at 2-dollars-38 cents a gallon for regular, unleaded fuel.  The Triple-A's Fuel Gauge Report says the price was just over 2--38 a gallon last week... and, was about 2-dollars-40 cents last year at this time.  Nationally... Triple-A says pump prices have fallen for 10 consecutive days, reaching today’s national average price of 2-dollars-17 cents per gallon.  The Fuel Gauge reports that drivers are benefitting from the lower price of retail gasoline... with today’s average 5-cents less per gallon than one week ago, and eight cents less than one month ago.  The abundance of crude oil in the global market is contributing to lower prices, and as a result, retail averages are the same price as compared to one year ago.


New York utility regulators have approved the sale of an upstate nuclear power plant, part of the state's strategy of investing in nuclear energy while weaning itself off of fossil fuels.  The Public Service Commission on Thursday endorsed Entergy Corporations proposal to sell the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego County to Exelon Corporation for 110-million dollars.  Federal regulators also must approve the transfer.  The state has authorized up to $7.6 billion in ratepayer subsidies to keep FitzPatrick and two other nuclear plants operational.  Governor Andrew Cuomo says nuclear power is preferable to coal or natural gas as New York transitions to renewable energy.  The owners of other power plants are suing to block the subsidies, which critics of nuclear power say are a costly bailout for a hazardous industry.

WJTN News Headlines

The Republican who has headed up the Chautauqua County Legislature for the past five years has decided to step down from leadership at the end of the year.  Following last night's monthly meeting in Mayville... Ashville's Jay Gould confirmed that he had informed fellow lawmakers that he would not seek another term as chairman.  Gould... who first served in that capacity in 2012... says there are several factors involved... one being his health.
Gould says his grandson plays at Southern Missisippi University.  In fact... he says he will miss the first two legislature meetings next year.  He had only missed three in his 16 years on the legislature.  Gould says he's also stepped down as chairman to encourage more of the younger Republican legislators to be in leadership posts.  Gould says he's most proud of one accomplishment during his time as chairman -- the sale of the county home in Dunkirk.  He will remain a legislator... but, says the Republican caucus is still discussing it's leadership for next year.


Lawmakers in Mayville last night approved salaries for two new positions that'll be assigned to the new "Fly-Car" paramedic service being offered in the county next year.  The legislature adopted a 35-to 45-thousand dollar a year salary for a basic paramedic... and, a 38-thousand-800 to just under 50-thousand dollar salary for a Senior Paramedic.  Both positions will be added to the CSEA-Unit 6300 Salary Plan.


The co-chairman of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign in New York state says he believes the bumpy start for Trump's transition team will "smooth out" shortly.  Local Congressman Tom Reed says every transition team goes through changes... including the one where chairman -- and New Jersey Governor -- Chris Christie was replaced by Vice-President-elect Mike Pence. Reed also says he likes both of Trump's first two appointments... and, spoke highly of Republican National Party Chairman Reince Priebius... who will be White House Chief of Staff.  He also felt there was unfair criticism of Breitbart Media executive Steve Bannon... who will be Trump's Senior Advisor.  Reed calls allegations that Bannon is a racist "reckless."  It was reported yesterday afternoon that Trump is considering charter school advocate Eva Moskowitz to serve as education secretary.  Moskowitz reportedly met with the transition team yesrterday.  In addition... former GOP Presidential adversary Senator Ted Cruz... is reported to be under consideration for Attorney General.  Reed made his comments during his weekly conference call with Southern Tier Media.


Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has again been elected to that post by Majority GOP members in a unanimous vote.  Local Congressman Tom Reed says Ryan was not opposed in seeking the post... which he was elected to following the resignation of former Speaker John Boehner.  Reed calls the move a "very productive" step to moving forward on the President-elect's agenda... and, is a testiment to Ryan and his leadership.  He says it's also a sign of the President-elect's desire to work with House GOP members.  Reed acknowledges that Ryan and Donald Trump had their differences during the campaign... but, says they had a good meeting following the election, and both sides are on-board going forward.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is repeating his intention to seek a third term in two years amid speculation about possible White House candidates in 2020.  Cuomo told reporters Tuesday that he is still planning to run for re-election and wants "to be the best governor" he can.  Cuomo is one of several prominent Democrats whose names have popped up on lists of possible presidential contenders.  Re-elected to a second term in 2014, Cuomo is already raising money for a re-election bid.  He's said he has "grave" disagreements with Republican President-elect Donald Trump but has vowed to work with the new president on issues affecting New York state.  Last year... Cuomo said he wants to serve as the state's governor "as long as the people will have me."  There are no term limits on New York governors.


We could see our first, measureable snowfall this coming weekend.  However... while there's been a lot of talk about that possibility... there is still a lot of uncertainty about how much.  That Wednesdayfrom Forecaster Dan Kelly with the National Service in Buffalo.  Kelly says a storm system will pull in much cooler air late Saturday into Sunday.  Kelly says that Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Southern Erie Counties have the greatest chance of seeing snow. Kelly says at this point the computer models still vary quite bit when it comes to snowfall amounts and temperatures.  He says some are showing a few inches of snow to about 6 to 8 inches.  However... he says -- depending on the temperature... there may just be rain in some locations.  Kelly says they should have a better handle on the situation by Friday.  Until then, you better have the snow shovel handy just in case.


Two families from Jamestown's southside have donated the latest Colorado Blue Spruce tree to be used as the city's Christmas Tree this year.  Crews from the city Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department and the Board of Public Utilities were at 31 and 35 Walnut Street Wednesday morning harvesting the 40-foot tall tree.  City Arborist Dan Stone tells me they appreciate the donations each year. Once the tree is anchored on the plaza... Stone says it'll be decorated with more than 25-hundred energy-saving LED lights for the upcoming Holiday Parade, and the holidays themselves.  Stone says it's a solid, good-looking tree.  He estimates the tree is about 40 years old... accounting for a foot for each year.  He says tree will be ready to go before the Christmas Parade... which will be held on Friday, December 2nd.  It's put on by the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation... and, typically includes about 100 units from local businesses and organizations.  The parade travels down Third Street to Tracy Plaza... where the tree is lit to begin the parade.


Four Cattaraugus County residents have been arrested for allegedly trying to haul a mobile home -- with no wheels on it -- along a town of Carrolton Road last weekend.  Sheriff's officers in Little Valley say they were called to the scene on South Nine-Mile Road about 7:30 last Sunday morning... where they found the abandoned trailer blocking the roadway.  Deputies say the alleged driver of the truck hauling the mobile home, 32 year-old Brandon Maynard of Great Valley, was towing the home when the axles broke as he was driving south on Route 219.  However... he continued towing the trailer until it crash and became immovable on South Nine-Mile Road.  Officers say Maynard and the other three... 47 year-old Sandra Watson... 53 year-old Todd Clark... and 28 year-old Jacob Clark... all face charges... incuding operating without legal escort.  Maynard is charged with several counts... including leaving the scene of a property damage accident, and second-degree criminal nuisance.




WJTN News Headlines


The city man accused of shooting and killing his wife last Thursday during an incident on Jamestown's southside is now in custody following a 6-hour stand-off with police early Tuesday.  City Police Chief Harry Snellings says police received a citizen tip of suspicious activity at 2 Todd Avenue on the westside about 11:40 PM Monday.  That house is owned by the father of the suspect, 36 year-old Keith Robbins.  Snellings says police got consent to go inside... and, searched the bottom two floors before checking the attic. Snellings says Mitchell was stabbed in the area of the throat.  He says their officers backed out, and established a perimeter while tactical teams were called in.  Snellings says they established communications with Robbins... who finally gave up shortly before 6 AM.  He confirmed for us that the home was checked when police were following up leads on Robbins' vehicle near 24 Woodworth and 2 Todd Avenues last Thursday morning.  He says they found his pick-up truck near his father's home.  Snellings did say that Robbins' father was cooperating with the investigation.  Robbins is being treated for a self-inflicted stab wound... and, will later be charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 36 year-old wife, Shari.

There are reports that murder suspect Keith Robbins was abusive towards his wife... and, that she had an order of protection again him.  That was not the case at the time... but, Chief Snellings did confirm that Shari Robbins had what's called a "refrain order" against him.  District Attorney Patrick Swanson was at Tuesday morning's press conference... and, clarified what that is. There has been a report that Robbins had contacted... and, threatened Sheri Robbins a number of times recently... including the night before the murder.  Snellings says they are investigating that... but would not comment any further.


Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings is thanking residents --- along with several area police agencies and the FBI -- for their help in the manhunt for Keith Robbins.  However... he also expressed concern over how local residents were using social media during the investigation... and, the problems it posed for them early in the manhunt.  In fact... he says people were putting out false information about what actually happened. Jamestown police also held back on some information early in the investigation... and, subsequent manhunt... because they said it could have jeopardized their investigation.


A call to raise the salary of New York state lawmakers has been rejected.  Lawmakers now make 79-thousand-500 dollars for what is technically a part-time job.  Lawmakers haven't seen a raise since 1999 but still make the third-highest legislative salary in the country.  Many lawmakers say their pay hasn't kept up with the cost of living and doesn't reflect the work they put in outside the six-month legislative session.  A state commission with the power to grant a raise balked at the idea Tuesday.  Lawmakers could convene a lame-duck session this year to vote on a pay raise or appoint a new commission to reconsider.  Legislative pay is seen as a touchy subject following scandals that have seen more than 30 lawmakers leave office facing ethics or criminal allegations since 2000.


Jamestown's public library is facing a financial "armageddeon" if it can't find a way to make up a quarter of a million dollar cut in the city's 2017 budget proposal.  That from Library Director Tina Scott... who's spending plan was reviewed by city lawmakers last night.  Scott says they've already cut all they can from their approximately one-million dollar yearly spending plan. Scott says that loss will be "huge" going forward... especially for residents who take advantage of the library's many services... including eduational.  In addition... she says a cut that large it puts the library in jeopardy of losing 25-percent of it's state funding.  The city's Department of Development, meantime, was also reviewed Monday night.  Development Director Vince DeJoy says they've been as busy as ever this year... with just over 11-hundred code enforcement complaints to date.  However... he says they had one fewer code enforcement officers due to a retirement.  Conversely... Fenton History Center Director Joni Blackman says they -- and their building -- are in decent shape this year.


The village of Fredonia will now have to fill a third position after a long-standing employee has decided to retire.  The Board of Trustees unanimously accepted the resignation of Inspection Officer Lawrence Barter during a meeting Monday night.  Barter's resignation will take effect on November 25th.  He is retiring after 31 years of service to the village.  Mayor Athenasia Landis says a search process for a successor will be begin immediately to fill the latest opening.  The village is currently in the process of trying to fill two other positions, including Wastewater Treatment Plant Chief Operator and Superintendent of the Department of Public Works/Street Commissioner. 


A bus driver for an upstate New York school district is in trouble for allowing students who would have voted for Donald Trump to exit the vehicle before children who would've voted for Hillary Clinton.  The Canandaigua City School District say the incident occurred two days after Trump defeated Clinton in the presidential election.  Administrators say the bus driver held a mock election by asking elementary school students who they would have voted for last Tuesday.  After a show of hands... the driver let the kids who said Trump get off the bus first.  Those who raised their hands for Clinton had to sit back down and wait until the other children got off.  After some parents complained, district officials said the bus driver will write a letter apologizing to everyone involved.


Pennsylvania state government is getting sobering fiscal news.  The Legislature's independent budget analyst projected Tuesday that more big deficits are looming, as is a shortfall this year.  The Republican-controlled Legislature has fought Democratic Governor Tom Wolf's efforts over the last two years to fill a stubborn deficit with a multibillion-dollar tax increase.  Another fight is likely looming next year.  The Independent Fiscal Office is projecting a $1.7-billion dollar deficit in the 2017-18 fiscal year that starts next July 1st.  It's also projecting a nearly $600 million shortfall in the state's current $31 billion budget.  That's partly due to an agreement to underfund human services and health care programs by more than $300 million.  Meanwhile, tax collections are running behind expectations, as well as behind last year's collections at this point.






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The search continued over the weekend across the area for the Jamestown man accused of shooting and killing his wife during an incident on the southside last Thursday.  City Police last Friday confirmed that 36 year-old Shari Robbins was shot and killed by her husband, 36 year-old Keith Robbins.  Keith Robbins was initially identified as a "person of interest" in the shooting incident at 9 Prospect Street shortly after 9 AM.  A nationwide alert was issued for Robbins... who is a white male... about 5-foot-8 inches tall, and weighing 175 pounds.  Samuelson says he was last seen Thursday driving his pick-up truck... which was later found on Woodworth Avenue.  If you have any information on Robbins' whereabouts, call Buffalo Crimestoppers at 867-6161, and you could be eligible for a reward of up to one-thousand dollars.  You can also call the JPD Tips-line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.  Robbins should be considered "armed and dangerous."


A Sheffield, Pennsylvania man has been arrested in the immediate Jamestown area as a fugitive from justice in Warren County on drug-related charges.  Members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they found, and arrested, 48 year-old Rickey Barr, at 414 Fairmount Avenue last Friday on Felony warrants... and, a charge of Access Device Fraud.  The task force was assisted by the Warren County Drug Task Force in the investigation.  Barr was arraigned in Ellicott Town Court... and, sent to the Chautauqua County Jail without bail pending an extradiction hearing.


Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi says he expects to sign a local law that will allow the city council to exceed the 2-percent Property Tax Cap in the 2017 budget plan.  Teresi held a public hearing earlier in the week on the law, which was overwhelmingly adopted by city lawmakers.  With a now-825-thousand dollar shortfall starring them in the face... Teresi says -- unless they find some significant savings by December 1st -- they won't be able to avoid it. Teresi says they hope they don't have to exceed the cap... but, adds you need to have that available to you when finalizing the spending plan.  As of now... the budget exceeds the cap... which is point-69 percent... by about 20-thousand dollars.  Some 10 people or so attended with about half voicing their feelings about the move... and, Teresi says he heard from half of them.  He says it's important to listen... and, to hear what other ideas are out there.  Right now... the Jamestown City Budget increases the tax levy by about point-96 percent... or about 150-thousand dollars.  City lawmakers will look at budgets from the Department of Development... and, outside agencies and groups. Also tonight... lawmakers will hold a public hearing on the 35-million dollar proposal by Mayor Teresi.  That hearing begins at 6 PM in Council Chambers on the second-floor of city hall.


The Cuomo administration is offering a 20-million dollar award for local governments that come up with the best plan for saving money and cutting property taxes by sharing municipal services.  Under the Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition, teams of two or more local governments will submit plans for sharing services and reducing property taxes.  The prize money will support the municipal actions.  A winner will be announced in August.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the competition late last week.  He said the goal is to get local governments to band together and streamline their bureaucracies to deliver real relief to taxpayers.  The Democrat first proposed the competition in his State of the State and budget proposal last January.


New York state has started a new program that aims to give veterans the skills and training they need to begin a new career in agriculture.  The initiative allows veterans to use their military benefits while at the same time earning a wage during the on-the-job training, which can last from six months to two years.  The program is starting with a single farm in western New York, but state officials say farms across the state can now apply to participate.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the program's launch on Friday, Veterans Day.  State Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball says it addresses a shortage of skilled farm workers while helping veterans get the training they need to begin a career after leaving the service.


The Dunkirk School Board has learned more details about a nearly 700-thousand dollar, Pre-K grant the school district will be receiving from the state.  Superintendent James Tracy told the board late last week that the district will begin to get the information out to the families with children who are eligible for the program.  Dr. Tracy says the wheels are in motion in creating the needed steps such as a curriculum. Tracy says that the long-term goal is to create a pre-school center that would allow access for all three and four-year olds in the district.  He says several groups... including Chautauqua Opportunities, Incorporated... have been involved in the partnership with the Dunkirk schools.


A portion of the New York State Thruway was closed in the north county for a while last Friday when a car carrier caught fire in the westbound lanes between Exits 59 and 60.  Fire crews from Fredonia and East Dunkirk fought the flames that destroyed the vehicle near milepost 474 around 6 am.  There were no injuries reported.


A tiny group of college professors saw what pollsters and the political establishment didn't: Donald Trump was going to be president.  A few professors stood up to a tidal wave of prevailing thought to predict for months that the billionaire and reality TV star would pull off one of the biggest shockers in American history.  A political scientist at New York's Stony Brook University based his prediction on primary results and his "pendulum of change" theory.  A Yale professor tied his pick to economics.  And a history professor at American University relied on a formula he developed in the 1980s.  Stony Brook's Helmut Norpoth acknowledged he harbored some private doubts as the contentious campaign raged on.  But... he never wavered publicly, even after the leak of Trump's explosive "Access Hollywood" video.


Jamestown High School Senior Kaitlyn Healy has won the first ever Chautauqua Area Scholarship Program.  She was selected from 17 candidates in the event, held Saturday night at Jamestown High School. Kaitlyn received a $4,000 scholarship plus additional awards in the categories of 'self-expression', talent, and the panel interview.  Kaitlyn is the daughter of Michael Healy and Terry Smith.  Her adopted 'little sister' for the program was Emily Zaranack of Falconer.  Kaitlyn says being a part of the scholarship program has boosted her confidence. The First Runner Up in the contest was Paige Turcotte of Panama.  (For a complete list of results, see the Media One Facebook page.)  Local families, organizations and businesses contributed $18,000 for scholarships for the young women who competed.  The Chautauqua Area Scholarship Program was previously known as 'Distinguished Young Women' of the Lakewood Area.  




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City police remain on the lookout for a "person of interest" who may have been involved in a shooting death on the city's southside yesterday morning.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson confirms the incident occured in a parking lot in the area of 9 Prospect Avenue around 9 AM.  Police are not releasing the name of the victim.  However, in a post on it's Facebook page... Heritage Ministries identified the woman as Shari Robbins, the wife of the suspect, 36 year-old Keith Robbins.  Samuelson says Robbins... who is a white male... is about 5-foot-8, and weighs 175 pounds.  He was last seen driving a tan or silver colored 2004 Ford F-250 SuperCab... which has now been found.  Police set up a perimeter around an area of Woodworth Avenue late yesterday morning.  However... once a tow truck arrived to get Robbin's pick-up... police began moving out.  Samuelson says if you have any information... call 9-1-1 immediately.  He says Robbins is considered "armed and dangerous." In addition... ALL Jamestown public schools were dismissed at their normal time yesterday afternoon after being in lock-down for several hours.  During that time... school superintendent Tim Mains says no one was allowed to enter or exit any school building.


Jamestown Fire Crews were busy fighting a fire at 113 East 8th Street in the city early this morning.  Deputy Chief Chet Harvey reports that the initial call came in at 4:30.  Nobody was home at the time of the fire, and there is no word of any injuries to firefighters. Crews are still working at the scene, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.


As President-elect Donald Trump visited the White House to meet with President Obama, Chautauqua County's top elected official is encouraged by what he has seen from Trump since his election.  We reached Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan today for his reaction to Trump's victory... and, what it could mean for the county.
Horrigan says he's pleased that Chautauqua County's representatives to Albany and Washington are returning in January.  The Bemus Point Republican says he's pleased with the re-election of State Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell.  He is also glad that Congressman Tom Reed will serve a fourth term in the House.  Horrigan feels they work well together and form a strong team.


High school students in San Francisco chanted "not my president" and waved rainbow and Mexican flags as they marched through the city's downtown in protest of Republican Donald Trump's presidential win.  The students were part of a group of thousands who staged a citywide walkout on Thursday.  Bystanders in the heavily Democratic city high-fived them from the sidelines.  Thousands have taken to the streets around the country since Tuesday's election.  Demonstrators have disrupted traffic, burned a giant papier-mache Trump head and declared that they refused to accept Trump's victory.  Demonstrations have been also been held in the Midwest and the West Coast.  Trump supporters have taken to social media to express their scorn of the protests, saying demonstrators are hypocrites for not accepting the democratic process because they don't like the results.


Work on developing a new, multi-facted approach to dealing with Jamestown's poverty issue is now underway.  Mayor Sam Teresi met this morning with members of the new Jamestown Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative Task Force.  Teresi says the city is one of 16 across New York state to be selected as part of the program... which originated several years ago in Rochester.  He says the idea is to bring together the several agencies already working on the problem. Teresi recently designated the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County to administer the state program... and, the one-million dollars in funding that's available to the city.  He says the United Way was selected after he solicited proposals for spearheading the program.  Teresi says they're qualified because they already work with human service agencies and employers to deal with the poverty front already.  He says the task force will study poverty factors that are specific to Jamestown... create a plan to combat those issues... and, implement that plan.  He made his comments for this weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the five Media One Group stations.


Gas prices in the Jamestown-area are up 4-cents a gallon this week to just over 2-dollars-38 cents for regular, unleaded fuel.  That from the Triple-A's Fuel Gauge report... which says the national average price for gasoline remained relatively flat compared to one week ago.  The price last year at this time was about 2--41 a gallon.  The Triple-A also says pump prices have been pressured higher in some regions due to disruptions on the Colonial Pipeline.  The average price for regular, unleaded gas is now 2-dollars-22 cents per gallon.  That's a penny more than one week ago.


It's that time of the year again when motorists across Chautauqua County will want to watch out for deer darting out onto local roads and highways.  Sheriff Joe Gerace says at least 62 car-deer related crashes have been reported in county since September 1st... and, the number will continue to climb.  He has some tips to avoid these types of collisions. Gerace adds that... if you can't avoid hitting Bambi... don't try to swerve out of the way.  He says you should hit the brake -- keeping a straight line -- then release just before impact.  Gerace says never swerve to avoid a deer because you could wind up in a worse situation, possibly a collision with another vehicle.  Last year... he says there were 66 deer-vehicle related crashes on county highways over the three-month period from September through November.


Officials overseeing Erie's Presque Isle State Park have announced that the park is returning to its Wednesday-through-Friday format for its annual deer hunt.  The Erie Times-News reports this year's combined antlered and antlerless hunt will take place December 7th through 9th.  The deer hunt was changed from its Wednesday-through-Friday format to Thursday-through-Saturday in 2014.  Park operations manager Matt Greene says officials decided to make the switch back because the weekend hunts failed to draw the anticipated number of participants.  Up to 85 hunters are allowed to roam the park's woods each day of the hunt.  Less than a fourth of that amount turned out on Saturday during last year's hunt.  No other changes are planned for this year's event. Hunters can sign up beginning on Monday.


The biographical plaque hanging at the National Women's Hall of Fame in New York honoring 2005 inductee Hillary Clinton will get an update after Clinton's presidential run.  Just not the one hall officials had hoped for.  Board President Jeanne Giovannini says the hall was ready to change the marker on Wednesday had Clinton been elected the nation's first female president.  Donald Trump's win foiled those plans.  But Giovannini says she expects Clinton's history-making run and apparent win of the popular vote to inspire other women to seek office, including the nation's highest.  Clinton is among 256 women who have been inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.  The hall is in Seneca Falls, site of the first Women's Rights Convention in 1848.


Republican U-S Senator Pat Toomey is preparing for a new six-year term following his narrow Pennsylvania victory and says he continues to have reservations about President-elect Donald Trump... though he expects a good working relationship.  Toomey said Thursday that he won't be a rubber stamp for Trump, and he expects to meet with Trump next week in Washington.  He says Trump's voters want to restore a functioning government and are sending the message that the economy's not working for them.  He expects Trump can get to work quickly, rescinding President Obama's executive orders and perhaps nominating a Supreme Court justice.







News Alert for Thurs., Nov. 10, 2016

City police investigating shooting incident, looking for person of interest....
Jamestown Police are asking for the public's help in locating a person of interest who may have been involved in a shooting incident on the city's southside this morning.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson confirms the incident occuring in the area of Prospect Avenue around 9 o'clock this morning.  Details have not been released... but, one person was reportedly shot.  Samuelson says they are looking for 36 year-old Keith Robbins... who is a white male... about 5'8", and weighing 175 pounds.  He was last seen driving a tan or silver colored 2004 Ford F250 SuperCab.  The license number is NY-31944JU.  Samuelson says the vehicle was last seen turning south onto South Main Street from the Prospect and Prather areas.  If you have any information... call 9-1-1 immediately.

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Republicans will hold onto their majorities in the U-S House and Senate as President-Elect Donald Trump come into office next January.   Local Congressman Tom Reed, who was re-elected to a fourth term, says he is looking forward to change under a Trump presidency.  During a conference call late Tuesday with regional media... Reed said he expects that one of the first tasks of the new administration will be to repeal Obamacare, something he fully supports. Reed, who served on Trump's campaign, says another goal is to simplify the nation's tax code for everyone.  He says it needs to be "fairer and simpler."  Reed adds "it's time" for reform.  He defeated Democrat John Plumb... and, received about 55-percent of the vote.  The Corning Republican won in 10 of the district's 11 counties -- including Chautauqua.  Plumb's only victory came in Tompkins County... which leans strongly Democratic.


The Presidential election brought a lot of new faces to the polling sites on Election Day in Chautauqua County.  That from County Democratic Election's Commissioner Norm Green... who says that turnout was higher than expected locally. Green says the staff assisted a lot voters who hadn't cast a ballot in years... or never before.  He adds... for some... it was the first time they had used the relatively new, Optical Scan voting machines in an election.  Those were brought into the county in 2008.  Green says they had to deal with the usual issues... but, no major problems were reported at any of the 51 polling places in Chautauqua County.


Local Congressman Tom Reed was re-elected to another term serving the sprawling Southern Tier District of New York state by about 10-percentage points.  Reed declared victory shortly after 11 last night at his headquarters in Corning... defeating Lakewood-area Democrat John Plumb by about 30-thousand votes.  He also won 10 of the 11 counties in the district.  Reed believes his and his office's efforts to provide constituent service has led to his re-election for a fourth-term. At his election night headquarters in Jamestown last night... Plumb conceeded -- but, said he was proud of the campaign they ran of integrity and honor -- values he ran his entire campaign on.  He believes they're also a big part of the entire district.  Plumb thanked his supporters... especially his wife, and parents... for standing by him in this "uphill battle."  In Chautauqua County... Reed received 27-thousand-397 votes to Plumb's 19-thousand-901.


Making Chautauqua County "first" will be the top priority for local State Assemblyman Andy Goodell... who has been returned to Albany for another two-year term.  The Bemus Point-area Republican defeated Brocton Democrat Jason Perdue, 34-thousand-994 to 12-thousand-193.  In declaring victory last night... Goodell expressed his appreciation to the residents of Chautauqua County for re-electing him. Goodell commending the Democrats running in all the local races for running good, issue oriented campaigns.  With the campaign over... he says he wants to continue doing as much as possible to boost the local economy by making the state more "business-friendly" to help create more jobs... and, reduce Welfare rolls.  Goodell says another priority is to deal with the heroin and opioid addiction crisis in the county, and the rest of the state.  He says he also wants to see issues with Common Core addressed.


Propositions received mixed results on Election Night.  The county's Board of Elections reports that a measure to lengthen county legislature terms from 2 to 4-years was soundly rejected.  Residents defeated the measure with 27-thousand-14 voting no... and, only 16-thousand-438 voting for the measure.


In Forestville... the dissolution process for the north county village will continue after residents decided to continue the effort, 195-to-125.  The village would be dissolved into the town of Hanover.


The new chairman of the Chautauqua County Republican Committee says he's very pleased with the outcome of Tuesday's elections.  Jamestown's Dave Wilfong was elected to the post about a month before the election, replacing the retired Al Hendrickson.  Wilfong was disappointed that challenger Jason Schmidt did not win the District Attorney's race... but, congratulated both him, and winner Patrick Swanson on a strong campaign.
Otherwise... Wilfong was pleased to see Republicans have a big night Tuesday.  At the same time... he says he felt like he went from the "frying pan into the fire" with the election so close to him taking the reins.  He says it's the first time that he had been so heavily involved in an election.  Wilfong is also a member of the Chautauqua County Legislature.  Several dozen Republicans were on hand Tuesday night at Election Night headquarters at the Celoron American Legion.


The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services has been notified of a recall of a part of the atomizer used to spray naloxone into a Heroin overdose victim.  However... Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says actual naloxone in the delivery device is still okay to use.  Schuyler says the defective atomizer sprays the medicine in a straight line... not the mist it's supposed to.  She says Teleflex Medical... which makes the atomizer device... just issued the recall.  Schuyler urges those who may be in possession of the defective naloxone atomizers to NOT discard the naloxone medication.  For specific recall information... and lot numbers... she says go to the CCDHHS website at Co-dot-Chautauqua-dot-NY-dot-US/802/Recall-Notice.





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Chautauqua County's Congressman has been re-elected to a fourth-term in a race that wasn't decided until late in the evening Tuesday.  Corning Republican Tom Reed unofficially defeated Democratic challenger John Plumb 51-to-49 percent.  However... Reed's Campaign Manager says they project -- once the votes are tallied up -- that he'll wind up with about a 13-percent victory.  In Jamestown last night... Plumb conceeded just before 11:30 PM, and thanked his supporters in their "uphill battle...." In a printed statement late Tuesday night... Reed said "we are humbled by the outpouring of support from volunteers and voters.  I care deeply about this place we call home.  I am proud to have earned your trust.  I am excited to continue working for our families."  In Chautauqua County... Reed received 27-thousand-397 votes to Plumb's 19-thousand-901.


The Republican sweep seen nationally was also seen in Chautauqua County on Election Day... with just one exception.  That exception came in the District Attorney's race, where Democrat Patrick Swanson defeated Republican Jason Schmidt, 25-thousand-207 to 21-thousand-447.  Swanson... who has been Acting D-A for the past 10 months... likened it to waiting to see if he passed the Bar Exam. Swanson thanked his supporters while watching the votes come in at Gialy's Restaurant in Jamestown... and, says the hard fought race brought out the issues... which he says will help him going forward.  At GOP Headquarters in Celoron... Schmidt expressed his disappointment, but, says he was "proud" of the issue-oriented campaign that he and his supporters ran.  He also wished Swanson "the best" as he becomes the D-A.  Swanson says he's been fortunate to have taken over an office that was "in very good shape..." thanks in large part to his predecessor, David Foley.  Foley became County Court Judge at the beginning of the year.


The other big county-wide race on Tuesday wound up with the Republican candidate pulling away after a close vote much of the early part of the evening.  Fredonia's Mike Sullivan defeated Democrat Sally Jaroszynski of Falconer for Family Court Judge by just over 10-thousand votes... 28-thousand-655 to 18-thousand-477.  Sullivan says he's pleased with the outcome. Sullivan says those initiatives include early intervention in families that have drug addiction issues.  He says he also wanted to make sure that it's "easier" for kids to go to Family Court when they have to be there. 


Local Republicans on the New York State Legislature also scored huge wins on Tuesday... led by the county's Assemblyman.  Bemus Point's Andy Goodell defeated Brocton Democrat Jason Perdue by a nearly 3-to-1 margin.  The vote was 34-thousand-994 to 12-thousand-193.  Goodell expressed his appreciation to the residents of Chautauqua County for sending him to Albany for a fourth-term. Goodell says he's going to continue to "do his best" in the Assembly... and, keep county residents first on his mind when he's in Albany.


State Senator Cathy Young was overwhelmingly re-elected to another term in the state's upper chamber... getting 83-percent of the vote Tuesday.  Young won Chautauqua County big on Election Day... tallying 39-thousand-771 votes to Democratic Challenger Lee Hyson's 8-thousand-183 votes.


According the the Unofficial results on Warren Votes dot com here are the winners from last night's elections:

Donald Trump took 68 percent of the vote in Warren County on his way to becoming President-elect of the United States.


Pat Toomey took 66.6 percent of the vote to win the U.S. Senate Seat.


It was Kathy Rapp defeating Troy Clauson in Warren County by taking over 68 percent of the vote.


Glen Thompson won the US Congress seat in the 5th district with 71 percent of the vote.


All four of the Warren City Home Rule Charter Ammendments were approved.


Sheffield's proposed tax increase for police services was voted down with 62 percent of the vote.

These are the unofficial numbers from


Between 70 and 80 people met Monday night to outline several goals for what to do with 10-million dollars in state-funding coming to the city of Jamestown.  City Development Director Vince DeJoy says he was pleased with the turn-out for their second meeting on the local Downtown Revitalization Initiative at the Willow Bay Theater.  DeJoy say they discussed issues such as parking, attraction signs, and improving downtown buildings. The ideas were given to two consulting firms... including the main planning group the city is working with on the initiative... HR-and-A Advisors of New York City.  DeJoy acknowledges that there is still a "30-thousand foot" level of confusion over what the money can and cannot be used for.  However... once the consultants lay-out "project-specific" material... people will understand that.  The money can be used specifically for certain economic development projects... or projects that help support development -- such as infrastructure improvements.  DeJoy says the next public planning meeting on developing the DRI plan will be held at the Jackson Center on Wednesday, December 14th.


It won't help with all their health insurance costs... but, it will make them a little more manageable for the city of Jamestown.  That from City Comptroller Joe Bellitto... who presented a third-party administrator proposal to the City Council last night from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Bellitto says the base fee would be increasing by about six-percent to about 16-thousand dollars a year. Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce later estimated the savings at at least 20-thousand dollars next year.  Bellitto says the savings... if fully-realized... would save just over 146-thousand dollars over the next three years.  He says Blue Cross negotiates the amount of discount on prescriptions with those providers.  Bellitto says other savings may also be realized later with other discounts.  City lawmakers will vote on the third-party administrator agreement later this month.


A Jamestown man is accused of breaking into -- or trying to break into -- four residences early Monday morning on the city's northside.  Jamestown Police were called to the scene in the area of Crossman and Price Streets shortly after 7 AM.  Officers say the suspect... 26 year-old Mark Barnhart... reportedly fled the scene on a bicycle.  Police were first told of one female victim had confronted Barnhart in her bedroom before he ran off and tried to break into a neighbor's home.  However... the neighbor confronted the suspect and he fled again.  A short time later... police say Barnhart allegedly tried to break into a Price Street home.  He was arrested on several charges... including two counts of second-degree burlgary, and one count of second-degree attempted burglary.  Barnhart was jailed pending arraignment.


Chautauqua Lake Central School will be closed today due to continued power outage problems.




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There have been no, big money savings found during the initial review of Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi's 2017 budget proposal.  However... city lawmakers and officials have been able to find nearly 60-thousand dollars in savings so far.  That from City Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce after lawmakers reviewed the Police and Fire Departments last night.  Dolce says there are several retirements coming in the police department next year... and, there may be some savings there. Dolce says there are equipment... and, some fire station needs in the fire department.  However... Deputy Fire Chief Chet Harvey says they got some good news in the past few days.  The city will save about 13-thousand-800 dollars in benefits for one firefighter because that will come from "grant funding."  Dolce adds that Jamestown lawmakers will vote later this month on a new, third-party administrator agreement for the city's Health Insurance Program that will save about 20-thousand dollars next year.  More on that later.  Combined with 25-thousand dollars in savings found two weeks ago... that totals about 59-thousand dollars. City lawmakers will look at various agencies next Monday... including the city's Department of Development, and the Prendergast Library.  A public hearing on Mayor Teresi's budget proposal will be held at 6 PM.


The Chautauqua County Board of Elections is gearing up for their biggest day of the year today.  It's Election Day across the U-S.  County Democratic Elections Commissioner Norm Green said Monday their personnel was getting the equipment in place for all polling places in Chautauqua County. Polls will be open from 6 AM to 9 PM tomorrow.  For the best voting experience... Green says it’s a good idea for voters to avoid peak hours... which are the rush hours in the morning and afternoon... as well as lunch and dinner times.  Voters who have not moved will vote at the same site as last year... except for Sherman residents that will now vote at the Fire Hall on Park Street in the village.  You can get more information at the County Board of Elections website at Our coverage on WJTN tonight begins with ABC at 7 PM.  Our local coverage of races in Chautauqua County and the state begins around 8:30 PM.


In addition to the president... voters in the Jamestown-area have two other federal elective offices to vote on.  The main one is the race for the 23rd Congressional Seat... currently held by three-term Republican Tom Reed.  Reed, who is from Corning, is being opposed by Lakewood Democrat John Plumb.  Plumb is a Captain in the U-S Naval Reserves... who was a submarine commander.


Also in New York state... residents are voting on U-S Senator.  Long-time Democratic Senator Charles Schumer will be opposed by Westchester County Republican Wendy Long.  Long previously ran against Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate.  Schumer is in line to be Democratic leader in the Senate -- if he wins -- due to the retirement of Nevada's Harry Reid.


In Chautauqua County... there are a couple of races... and, at least one county-wide proposition.  That is to lengthen county legislature terms from 2 to 4 years.  Legislature Chairman Jay Gould says it's the second time in about two decades voters have dealt with the issue.  The Ashville-area Republican says lawmakers approved putting the measure on the ballot after it was recommended by the county's Charter Review Commission. Gould says the legislature also approved smaller than recommended pay hikes for two county positions.  As for doubling the length of legislature terms... he says there are two schools of thought regarding that... one is that some people don't want to commit to four-years, but, can handle two.  On the other hand... some say two years is not enough time to learn the position before you have to run again.  Some other lawmakers have also said that they should be accountable every two years. 


In addition to the proposition... there is the Chautauqua County District Attorney's race taking place.  That involved Acting District Attorney Patrick Swanson of Fredonia... who is the Democratic candidate.  He is being opposed by Fredonia Republican Jason Schmidt.  Also county-wide... Republican Mike Sullivan of Fredonia is running against Democrat Sally Jaroszynski of Falconer for Family Court Judge.


Also across Chautauqua County... there is a contested race for the 150th District State Assembly seat.  Incumbant Republican Andy Goodell of Bemus Point is seeking another term... and he's being opposed by Brocton-area Democrat Jason Perdue.

The region's state Senator... incumbant Republican Cathy Young... is also running for re-election to the upper chamber's 57th District.  Young is being opposed by Salamanca Democrat, Lee Hyson.


St. Bonaventure University and surrounding police and health agencies are pledging to work together against sexual assault and domestic violence.  Leaders from the Olean-area university and the other agencies gathered at the Olean-Based college Monday to sign a memorandum of understanding formalizing their commitment to assist each other in their response to reports of dating violence, stalking and assault.  Several U.S. senators, including New York's Kirsten Gillibrand, support legislation that would make such university-law enforcement agreements mandatory.  The provision is included in the proposed Campus Accountability and Safety Act.  Signing the memo along with St. Bonaventure officials were representatives from the Allegany Village Police, the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office, Olean City Police, and others.


The work continues on determining a final site for a new facility for Brooks Memorial Hospital.  In an update... Mike Hughes of Kaleida Health says the hospital along with relocation specialists Clark-Patterson-Lee Engineers and Stroudwater Associates have reviewed over two dozen potential sites across the county.  The hospital's Board of Directors sub-committee for the new hospital met recently to narrow the list of potential sites.  The goal is to get to two or three perferred locations in the next 30 days.  Brooks Memorial is looking to have a 29-bed facility up and running by March of 2018.




WJTN News Headlines


Three Jamestown firefighters suffered minor injuries battling a stubborn blaze that's destroyed a multi-story apartment house on the city's eastside.  Acting Battalion Chief, Lieutenant Tim Glenn, says crews were called to the scene at 65 Liberty Street shortly before 10:30 AM Saturday.  Glenn says the upper part of the structure was fully-engulfed in flames on arrival... with fire mainlyi shooting out the front side. None of the occupants were hurt... a passerby reportedly called in the alarm, and helped get the people living there out.  A "tower" truck was called in to help pour water on the front second-floor of the structure.   Crews were still dousing hot spots more than an hour after the initial alarm.  Glenn says a five member crew with air bottles went in to deal with remaining hot-spots inside the building.  He says due to added walls for the apartments... it was hard to access areas where the fire was located.   The city's Department of Development was called in Saturday night to demolish what was left of the building.  The cause remains under investigation... and, the victims are being assisted by the local Red Cross.


Two city men are jailed without bail for allegedly being found with nearly 100 individual bags of Heroin -- packaged for sale -- from two locations on Jamestown's westside.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says their on-going investigation drug sales and trafficking led members of the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force to raid the residence at 130 Fairview Avenue about 3 PM Friday.  Samuelson says they arrested 22 year-old Bradley McKay there for alleged sales and possession of Heroin.   He says members of the task force, State Police C-NET Team and the JPD SWAT Team raided 25 West Ninth Street... and, arrested 51 year-old Jeffrey Myers.  While there... task force members found 85 bags of Heroin... a quantity of cash, and drug paraphernalia.  Samuelson says both men were charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.  McKay was also charged with third-degree criminal sale of drugs.  Both were arraigned and sent to the county lock-up.


Falconer firefighters responded late Saturday morning to the scene of a vehicle crashing through the front of the Falconer Pharmacy.  Fire Chief Charles Piazza says the small Sports Utility Vehicle slammed into the storefront at 202 West Main Street... causing some damage to the building. Piazza says the unidentified, elderly woman driver accidentally accelerated instead of breaking when she was trying to park the car.  There was damage to the building and some windows.  This is the second such incident within the past few years at the small plaza in Falconer. 


If there's anything both candidates running for the 23rd Congressional District can agree on... it's that Social Security needs to be kept solvent.  That was underscored during the recent debate held in Mayville between incumbant Republican Tom Reed and Democratic Challenger John Plumb.  Both were asked what they would do to prevent Social Security from going insolvent.  Plumb says he "absolutely" wants to see that kept strong.
Reed says he understands the importance of social security... because the monthly check was needed after his father died, and his mother had to raise their large family.  He believes the program should be "preserved and protected."  However... while he wanted to look at removing the "lifetime cap" on the amount withheld from wages... he also wants to look at benefit payments. Reed says he also believes an age adjustment should be looked at for people around his age, which is 44, so they can plan accordingly.  Plumb says he's also agrees that lifting the cap needs to be looked at immediately.  Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was known for pushing the idea of lifting the funding cap -- mainly for the wealthy -- to provide more funding for Social Security.


The estimated 11-million immigrants in the United State's illegally are watching this potentially crucial election mostly from the sidelines.  They can't vote, of course, so their future in this country depends on the choices other people make.  Some find that frustrating and are doing whatever they can.  They are taking part in get-out-the-vote efforts, knocking on doors, making telephone calls and telling their stories in places like New York, California, Arizona and Virginia.  They hope voters will keep them in mind when casting ballots.  To many immigrants, the stakes are high: Republican Donald Trump has talked about mass deportations and a border wall.  Democrat Hillary Clinton has pledged to work for immigration reform... and, protect President Barack Obama's executive actions on behalf of immigrants.


The "controlled demolition" work on a vacant building that partially collapsed just over two-weeks ago resumes this morning on Jamestown's eastside.  That from city Development Director Vince DeJoy... who says the work by H-H Rauh of Lakewood at 10-to-12 East Second Street began last Friday afternoon.  DeJoy says the street in front of the three-story structure will be closed at times during the day.  Once the demolition is completed... DeJoy says they and the county's Landbank, and others will decide what to do at that site. DeJoy says the area around the location has been fenced off... and, will remain that way once the scene is cleared.  The partial roof collapse at 10-to-12 East Second occured the evening of October 20th... and, it also bowed out the walls on the eastside of the structure.  DeJoy says the good news is... because they were able to quickly transfer title of the building to the Chautauqua County Landbank... city taxpayers won't be footing the bill.


Authorities are still investigating an accident in which a 7-year-old girl was fatally struck by a school bus in western New York.  The Erie County Sheriff's Office says the girl was struck after she exited the bus at around 3:40 PM last Friday near North Buffalo Street in the village of Springville.  That's about 35 miles south east of Buffalo.  Police say the girl was taken to a hospital where she later died.  Investigators are looking into what caused the accident.


News Update for Sun., Nov. 6, 2016

Two city men arrested for allegedly trafficking Heroin...
Two Jamestown men have been arrested for allegedly trafficking Heroin in the city after being found with nearly 100 individual bags of Heroin at two locations on the city's westside.  Jamestown Police Captain Bob Samuelson says their on-going investigation into drug trafficking led the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force to raid the residence at 130 Fairview Ave. about 3 p.m. Friday.  Samuelson says they arrested 22 year-old Bradley McKay there for allegedly selling and possessing Heroin.   He says members of the task force, State Police C-NET Team and the JPD SWAT Team later raided 25 West Ninth St., and, arrested 51 year-old Jeffrey Myers.  While there... task force members found 85 bags of Heroin... a quantity of cash, and drug paraphernalia.  Samuelson says both men face charges... including third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. 
Fire destroys Jamestown Apartment building...
Three Jamestown firefighters suffered minor injuries battling a stubborn blaze at a multi-story apartment house on the city's eastside late Saturday morning.  Acting Battalion Chief, Lieutenant Tim Glenn, says crews were called to the scene at 65 Liberty St. shortly before 10:30 a.m.  Glenn says the upper part of the structure was fully-engulfed in flames on arrival... with heavy fire coming from the front part of the building.  He says they tried an interior attack on the building... but, had to back out.  None of the occupants were hurt... a passerby reportedly called in the alarm, and helped get the occupants out.  Glenn says due to added walls for the apartments... it was hard to access areas where the fire was located.  The cause is under investigation... and, the victims are being assisted by the local Red Cross.
New Chautauqua Institution president named....
The current president and Chief Executive Officer of a respected intercultural exchange program will become Chautauqua Institution’s 18th president.  The institution’s Board of Trustees Friday announced the appointment of 42 year-old Michael Hill to the post.  The Norfolk, New York man is an experienced leader of arts, cultural and social service organizations including Washington National Cathedral, The Washington Ballet and United Cerebral Palsy.  Hill now heads up Youth For Understanding USA.  Early in his career... Hill was an associate editor for the Chautauquan Daily.  He replaces Tom Becker... who is retiring at the end of this year.

News Update for Fri., Nov. 4, 2016

Chautauqua Inst. names new President...
The current president and Chief Executive Officer of a respected intercultural exchange program will become Chautauqua Institution’s 18th president.  That from Chautauqua'a Board of Trustees... which announced the appointment of 42 year-old Michael Hill to the post.  The Norfolk, New York man is an experienced leader of arts, cultural and social service organizations including Washington National Cathedral, The Washington Ballet and United Cerebral Palsy.  Hill now heads up Youth For Understanding USA.  Chautauqua Board Chairman James Pardo says "we are absolutely thrilled that Michael is coming on board.  He is a high-energy, visionary leader who understands how to balance tradition and progress."  Hill worked at the institution some years back.  More later.

WJTN News Headlines

The United Way of Southern Chautauqua County will be heading up a state-led effort to reduce poverty in the city of Jamestown.  Mayor Sam Teresi announced late Thursday that the United Way will administer the local Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative... a program announced earlier this year by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Teresi says Jamestown was one of the 10 communities initially selected for the program... which is awarding grants of one to 2-and-a-half million dollars to fight local poverty.  He says Jamestown is getting a one-million dollar grant.
Teresi says the city sent out Request for Proposals... and, got back several good ones.  However... he says the United Way of Southern Chautauqua County is "uniquely-positioned" to work out solutions to local poverty issues because it works so closely with most all local human service agencies.  Teresi says they'll be first working with the United Way to put together a steering committee from several parts of the community to identifiy the issues... and, develop programming to deal with poverty.


A Fredonia husband and wife have been arrested after a suspected Methamphetime lab was found inside their residence late Wednesday night.  Fredonia Police were initially called to a domestic incident at 51 Wisteria Drive at about 10:45 PM.  Officers say their investigation led to the discovery of an active clandestine lab used to manufacture Meth.  Police say Johnny and Katie Evans, both 35, were taken into custody... and, both were arraigned on one count of unlawfully manufacturing methamphetamine, one count of unlawful disposal of methamphetamine, and five counts of endangering the welfare of a child.  The pair was then remanded to the county jail on 50-thousand dollars cash bail each.  The couple's five children are now under the supervision of Child Protective Services.  Fredonia Police were assisted by the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force.


The "controlled demolition" of the remainder of a vacant, three-story building in downtown Jamestown that partially collapsed several days ago will take place today.  That from Jamestown Public Works Director Jeff Lehman... who says that will entail some traffic restrictions around 10 to 12 East Second Street during the day.  Lehman says the contractor involved will need to close that part of the street -- between North Main and Pine Streets -- at times.  The building sustained a partial-collapse of the roof back on October 20th.  No one was hurt... but traffic was blocked in that area for a few days.  Lehman says motorists should expect delays during the day... and, may wish to use alternate routes of travel.


The ribbon has been cut on a new, 156-million dollar wind farm project in northern Chautauqua County that's been 10 years in the making.  That from County Executive Vince Horrigan... who took part in Wednesday afternoon's opening of the Arkwright Summit Wind Farm.  Horrigan says the wind farm will have 36 wind turbines on about 65-hundred arces of land in the towns of Arkwright and Pomfret. Horrigan says Arkwright Summit is owned by EDP Renewables of North America... which bought out Horizon Wind Energy... which initiated the project several years ago.  EDP recently moved into the U-S marketplace.  He says financing is in place... and, once it's up and running... the wind farm will generate a maximum of nearly 80-megawatts of power.  Horrigan says they also have power purchase agreements in place with the state Energy Research and Development Authority and Bloomberg Energy.  He says the project will begin in earnest next Spring, with the first working turbine in place by Fall.  Arkwright Summit expects to pay the local taxing jurisdictions about 313-thousand-600 dollars a year.


The effort to have as many Chautauqua County residents as possible hired by a new pharmacutical company to fill 900 jobs is well underway.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says officials with Athenex were in the county over the past week... to see local educational and training programs.  Horrigan says once the company is up and running in the Dunkirk-area... it will be hiring 450 direct... and, 450 non-direct employees. Horrigan says Athenex officials also met with the county's Education Coalition to learn what's being done, or can be done, to make sure the needed skills are in the local workforce.  As for the project itself... Horrigan says the 200-million dollars in state funding will begin "flowing" shortly.  He says Athenex is in the design-phase for the project right now... and, have also begun the state Environmental Reviews.  The project hit a roadblock a short time ago... with the head of the company theatening to look elsewhere if progress wasn't made soon with the state.  That occured within days, though, with Empire State Development now overseeing the project.


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says a drug maker has agreed to extend a price cut for a heroin overdose antidote bought by hundreds of government agencies around the state.  California-based Amphastar Pharmaceuticals will continue to offer a $6-per-dose rebate through January 2018 for naloxone, which can quickly reverse an opioid overdose.  Schneiderman says Thursday that more than 200 agencies in the state have saved 1.7-million dollars on the drug since the discount went into effect in February 2015.  There were 278,000 discounted syringes purchased under the deal.  The roughly 20 percent rebate is available to police departments, public health entities and county governments.  The deal calls for the rebate to automatically increase to match any growth in the wholesale price.


The New York State United Teachers, representing all of the teachers in Chautauqua County, endorsed Assemblyman Andy Goodell for re-election.  Goodell says the NYSUT endorsement was based on his strong voting record in support of education.  The Jamestown-area Republican says... In addition to addressing many of the problems with common core... state education aid for the county's schools was increased this year by 14.3-Million dollars... an increase of over 6-percent.  Overall education funding for the county is currently the highest in its history.  Goodell was very pleased to receive this prestigious endorsement.  "As Assemblyman, I will continue to work hard to support our local schools so that they can provide our children with the best education possible."


Three men are accused of poaching salmon from a western New York creek during the annual salmon run.  State officials say conservation officers in Niagara County spotted the men about 2 AM Wednesday after coming across several garbage bags of freshly caught salmon.  The officers were patrolling the Lake Ontario shoreline and its tributaries, including the Burt Dam area of 18-mile Creek.  One of the men was arrested in a pickup truck.  Another was caught hiding in the brush and the third was arrested after swimming across the creek.  Authorities say the men illegally netted 69 salmon weighing from five to 35 pounds.  Sergey Yatchuk of Getzville; Petro Parfenyk of Erie, Pennsylvania; and Mikhail Sakalosh of Spartanburg, South Carolina were jailed on 32 fishing violations.

WJTN News Headlines


The region's two Congressional candidates sparred over a number of issues... from health care to Social Security... in their second and final debate last night in Chautauqua County.  Nearly 200 people were on hand at Chautauqua Lake High School to see Incumbant Republican Tom Reed and Democratic challenger John Plumb discuss the issues.  Most of the sparks came over the Second Amendment... and, Reed's "A" Rating from the National Rifle Association.  He says Plumb got a "question mark" because he never responded to the NRA's questionaire.  In response... Plumb says he's always been a supporter of the Second Amendment... adding that he's a fully credentialled sharpshooter in the U-S Military.  He called the NRA ranking "silly...."  Plumb also says he fully-supports the need for background checks for people to get their guns.  However... Reed countered that when they went to buy his son, Will, a hunting rifle last year... the background check at the sporting goods store they went to took an hour-and-a-half to complete. Last night's one-hour debate was sponsored by the Chautauqua County League of Women Voters... the local chapter of the American Association of University Women... the Dunkirk Observer and the Jamestown Post-Journal.


The trend of warmer that normal temperatures across the region continued in the month of October.  However... local farmers are benefiting from rainfall totals that were slightly above normal last month.  That from Forecaster Tony Ansuini with the National Weather Service in Buffalo... who says October 2016 will go down as a mild and wet month. Ansuini says despite the above normal rainfall total for the month... there is still a sizable deficit in some places.  He says western New York was about an "inch" above normal for the month.  Temperatures should reach the 60s, possibly near 70 over the next couple of days.  And above normal temperatures are expected through the middle of the month, although Ansuini says there are indications of colder normal weather by late November.


A Jamestown firefighter is on administrative leave following his arrest for allegedly running an illegal marijuana growing operation near his Bemus Point-area home.  Otherwise... City Police Chief and Public Safety Director Harry Snellings says he's not able to comment on the case involving 58 year-old James Gatto.  Snellings says Gatto will remain on leave, pending the outcome of the investigatino by the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office.  Members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force arrested Gatto late last week following an investigation into the alleged operation near 47-08 Bemus-Ellery Road.  After processing the seized plants... Task Force agents say they found that the amount of marijuana seized met the threshold to constitute a Felony charge.  As a result... Gatto was charged with one count each of Unlawful Growing Marijuana -- a Misdemeanor -- and, third-degree Criminal Possession of Marijuana -- a Class  E felony.  Gatto was issued appearance tickets for Ellery Town Court.


Lakewood-Busti Police have investigated at least a dozen motor vehicle accidents where cars and trucks have struck a new concrete median on Fairmount Avenue -- near Mall Boulevard -- in Lakewood.  That from Police Chief John Bentley... who says the state Department of Transporation included the 100-foot long double-strip of concrete, as part of a 3.1-million dollar resurfacting project.  Bentley says the DOT decided on the median to prevent illegal left-hand turns into the Lakewood Village Plaza on the northside of the highway. Bentley says his department had pushed for better signage due to the "bottle-neck" that had been created by going from a five-lane highway to the east of Mall Boulevard to a two-lane road to the east of the intersection.  He says the center of the median will later be filled in with stamped concrete -- making it about a foot high.  Bentley says the DOT has indicated the project will "stand as it is."  He says several accidents... including a fatal one two years ago... led DOT to put in the median.


The United Way of Southern Chautauqua County has now passed the one-third mark in it's yearly general campaign.  That from United Way Executive Director Tori Irgang... who says the fund-raising effort is at 36-percent of it's 1.3-million dollar goal by the end of the year.  Irgang says United Way staff, and others involved are busy making presentations at local companies, and other organizations about the effort. Irgang and two others were here at our Media One Group offices Tuesday to make a presentation about the campaign... and, where the money goes in the community.  She says it's part of their education effort to make sure people know that all the pledges and money raised stays here.  Irgang says 85-percent of the money raised goes directly to support 42 programs at 25 local, partner agencies.  She says the United Way has four priority areas... helping families to be self-sufficient... help workers to be ready for the job market... young people succeed in school... and, help those in need.  For more information on the United Way campaign... call 483-1561... or go on-line to UWayscc-dot-ORG.


A New York federal judge says he'll rule by the end of the week on a challenge to a state law banning people from showing their marked election ballot to others.  Judge P. Kevin Castel heard arguments Tuesday as a lawyer for three voters insisted his clients should be allowed to distribute ballot selfies on social media.  A city lawyer, Stephen Kitzinger, called it a fad and argued against it.  Arguing for the voters, Leo Glickman said social media is a fact of life rather than a fad.  Kitzinger said the request to declare bans on distributing pictures of completed ballots unconstitutional came too late for this election.  He says over 35,000 polling place workers and 2,500 police officers already have been trained.


WJTN News Headlines

A Bemus Point man was arrested late last week for allegedly growing several marijauna plants on property in the town of Ellery.  Sheriff's officers say 58 year-old James Gatto of 4708 Bemus-Ellery Road was arrested late last week for allegedly growing the plants... and, being in possession of a quantity of marijuana.  After processing the seized plants... member of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they found that the amount of marijuana seized met the threshold to constitute a Felony charge.  As a result... Task Force agents say Gatto was charged with one count each of Unlawful Growing Marijuana -- a Misdemeanor... and, third-degree Criminal Possession of Marijuana -- a Class  E felony.  Gatto was issued appearance tickets for each of the charges and is scheduled to be in Ellery Town Court at a later date.  Anyone with information in illegal drug trafficking is asked to call the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force at either 800-344-8702 or 363-0313 if they see suspicious in their area.



Chautauqua County residents will get the chance to question the two candidates for Congress in a live forum tonight at Chautauqua Lake High School auditorium in Mayville.  Incumbant Republican Tom Reed and Democratic challenger John Plumb will take part in the program... which begins at 7 PM.  It's being co-hosted by the local chapter of the American Association of University Women... and, the Chautauqua County League of Women Voters.

A top leader with the county's Democratic Committee is questioning the process used to rate the candidates running for Family Court Judge.  Committee Vice-Chairman Don Williams adds they believe that a local member from the commission involved may have played a role in the lowering of Democratic candidate Sally Jaroszynski's rating.  Williams says Jamestown Attorney Ken Lasker, who served on the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission, may have pushed the lowering of Jaroszynski's rating from qualified in 2014 to unqualified in 2016.  Williams says they obtained the voice mail from Republican Sherry Bjork, who lost last month's Republican Primary to Fredonia attorney Mike Sullivan. In the voice mail... Lasker allegedly made bias comments about Jaroszynski's candidacy.  Williams says he believes the process is "tainted" and accused Lasker of "manipulating" the rating and, is upset over it.  Sullivan would not comment about his opponent's rating,  However... he says his own rating of "highly qualified" had not changed and he will continue to use it in his campaign.


The attorney that is accused of manipulating the rating of a candidate for Family Court Judge by county Democrats says he recused himself from the vote.  Jamestown Attorney Ken Lasker, who has served on the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Committee for a number of years, says he did not take part in votes on Sally Jaroszynski and Mike Sullivan. Democratic Committee Vice Chairman Don Williams believes that Lasker played a role in the lowering of Jaroszynski's rating from 'qualified' to 'unqualified' and has a copy of a voice mail with comments from Lasker about Jaroszynski.  Lasker confirms that it was his voice on the recording from Republican Sherry Bjork who lost in the September primary with Sullivan.


Two Jamestown men have been arrested for allegedly breaking into the Moose Club on the city's eastside early Sunday morning.  City police say they responded to an alarm at the location at 405 East Fifth Street shortly after 6 AM.  Officers say... on arrival... they heard subjects moving around inside the building.  Police say they then spotted the pair leaving the Moose Club... and, they ran from officers.  However... officers say they were able to quickly stop 24 year-old Kyle Lauriston and 18 year-old Cody Boisvert... and take both into custody.  Police say they found Lauriston in possession of burglars tools.  Both are charged with third-degree burglary and criminal mischief.  Lauriston was charged with possession of burglar's tools... and, Boisvert with obstruction.  Both were arraigned and sent to the county jail without bail.


A Western New York native has been named as the Acting U-S Attorney for the western District of New York following the retirement of the previous chief.  It's been announced that James Kennedy, Junior will replace William Hochul, Junior... whose retirement took effect last Friday.  Kennedy was named by Hochul in April of 2010 to be his First Assistant U.S. Attorney.  Kennedy says he's "honored to be named Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of New York.... I look forward to working with our outstanding law enforcement partners at the local, state and federal levels and serving the people of the community in which I was born and raised."  Kennedy is a 1988 graduate of the Buffalo Law School... and, lives with his family on Grand Island.


The Empire State Winter Games has landed a sponsor and organizers are adding two new sports for the upcoming competition in February.  Community Bank will be the title sponsor for 2017.  Company president and Chief Executive Officer Mark Tryniski made the announcement late last week.  The 37th edition of the Empire State Winter Games will feature a new "Marathon Skate" event on Mirror Lake and mogul skiing.  More than 19-hundred athletes from across New York and beyond will compete in 19 winter sports at various venues in the Adirondack Mountain region.  The games will take place February 2nd through 5th... and, officials are expecting an increase in both the audience and participants in all sports.  The community-driven event is expected to have an economic impact of nearly $3 million on the region.







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